5 Ways to Thank Your Hairstylist

5 Ways to Thank Your Hairstylist

Ever thought to yourself, “I really want to show my stylist how much I appreciate him/her…but what can I do?” We hear you. So we put together a list of 5 awesome ways to show your hairstylist how much you care:

1.) Referrals. Nothing says, “I love you,” more than sending your friends and family to your stylist. This shows that you really enjoy their work and want to share that with the ones you love. Even the most talented stylists have their moments of doubt, so it is so important to have the reassurance that comes with loyal clients sending in referrals. If you love your hairstylist, send them referrals!

2.) Retail. Trust us, we hate pushy salespeople just as much as you do. Our goal when offering our clients shampoos, conditioners, and styling products is not to sell – it is to educate them on what nutrients their hair needs and send them home with products that contain those nutrients in order to maintain that just-left-the-salon look, even when it has been 8 weeks since the last visit. There are no words more painful to hear as a stylist than, “Oh, I’ll just buy it at Ulta.” Buy your products from your stylist because they care enough about you to tell you exactly how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful all year long.

3.) Reviews. Does your stylist’s salon have a Facebook page? A website? A link on Google+ or Yelp? Leave them a review! It’s 2016, people. The first thing that anyone looking for anything turns to is Google. Reviews are such a huge tool in finding the right stylist, so be specific when explaining why you love yours!

4.) Gift Certificates. This goes right along with referrals. Have a friend who is in SERIOUS need of a haircut but refuses to go to a salon because of finances? Buy her a gift certificate and send her in to see your stylist! All it takes is one AMAZING haircut to get her to love your stylist just as much as you do! Who knows, maybe you can start booking your appointments together for a fun girls’ night!

5.) Rebooking. We understand that you don’t know what your schedule will look like 8 weeks from now. We understand that you never know what is going on with your kids’ sports/school events. Rebooking your next appointment before you leave the salon insures that you have a spot on your stylist’s book, and even if you need to reschedule that appointment when it gets closer, it’s a lot easier to move around an existing appointment than it is to create a new one. Your stylist will be a lot more willing to work with your schedule if you regularly rebook your appointments because it shows that you understand that your stylist’s time is valuable.



Another Genius Move from Redken

Another Genius Move from Redken

New from Redken is a line of cleansers that truly lives up to it’s name.  Redken Genius Wash is a cleansing conditioner that gently cleans your parched or colored locks.  There are 3 levels of condition to choose from and all are paraben-free with no sulfates, harsh salts or chemicals.  Shampooing your hair frequently can cause frizz and dull color.  This system provides a solution for clean hair when you really don’t want to shampoo your hair.



How can a Genius Wash help your hair?  In one step you have gentle cleaning plus extra conditioning.  Your color will last longer!  Incorporating this into your hair cleaning routine increases manageability while pampering your strands for extra bounce and shine. Genius wash has concentrated apricot oils and soy protein formulated for your hair type.

How do you use Genius Wash?  Simply alternate washing with traditional shampoo and Genius Wash.  If you wash everyday, use Genius Wash for every third wash.  If you wash your hair less frequently, use Genius Wash for every other wash.  Your hair will thank you. Apply a generous amount (about 10-14 pumps) and distribute evenly through damp hair.  Gently massage.  Leave in for 2-5 minutes for best results then rinse thoroughly.  Talk to your stylist about the best one for your hair needs and instantly become genius!


Are you ruining your face?

Are you ruining your face?

Let me speak for your skin for just a brief moment.  We all want to put a flawless, fresh face forward.  And most of us use make-up to help us achieve the desired look.  If you like make-up as much as this blogger, you probably use make-up brushes as well.


So let me ask you, and lets be honest here.  When is the last time you washed your make-up brushes?  Do you ever? ok- I’m betting the answer might be kinda hazy.  Washing those brushes might be something you think about or maybe this is your wake-up call.  What can happen if you don’t wash your make-up brushes regularly?

Your dirty brushes carry more than just make-up.  Skin cells, sweat, oil, bacteria, and grungy dirt just to name a few.  All these lovely things combined are breaking your face out!  We wear make up to enhance our skin, not dull it out.

Speaking of all the build up, its making your make-up go on unevenly.  The colors won’t be true and your application won’t be crisp.  Why not set yourself up for an awesome look? It’s what all the pros do.


If you have a situation where more than one person is using the brushes, washing is a MUST.  Friends sharing brushes end up sharing way more.  Infections, anyone? Pink eye, staph, strep, e coli, fungus just to name a few. Ew.

Rubbing your skin with stiff, unclean bristles is sure to cause irritation on the delicate facial area.  Dragging and pulling are not good for wrinkle prevention.  Also- keeping your eyelash curler free of mascara and general gook ensures all of your fabulous lashes stay on your lash line.  Dirty eyelash curlers tend to pull out eyelashes. ouch!

If not for the love of your face, consider this simple reason to wash your brushes regularly. A clean brush extends the life of the brush.  Make up brushes don’t grow on trees and some of these tools aren’t cheap!

What is the best way to wash your brushes? With warm water and gentle soap.  Even shampoo will do.  Be gentle, squeeze excess water out and lay flat to dry.  Trust me, your face with thank you.


The “Secret” your stylist is dying to tell you.

The “Secret” your stylist is dying to tell you.

As a stylist and hair colorist, sometimes people can confuse us with magicians.  Believe me, we wish we were.  Hair color and other hair chemical services are science, and science has rules.  If you are a fan of chemical hair services, you have probably noticed the aftermath.  Bonds being broken in the hair cause damage to the hair structure.  Damage is seen as broken hair, wiggly or frizzy hair, limp and lifeless strands or inability to hold color.  The secret?  We now have an incredible tool to combat hair damage for all hair types.

olaplex kit

Olaplex! Olaplex is a system stylists can use to get healthier hair results.  It dramatically reduces breakage with any chemical services.  Olaplex will relink the bonds that are broken during a chemical service and strengthen the hair immediately. Olaplex makes your hair stronger, healthier, and color will last longer.



This incredible tool can be used just as a treatment for distressed hair to help rebuild the strength, structure and integrity to the point where you can proceed with a chemical service.  Olaplex can also be used with hilights, balayage, on-the-scalp lightener, extensions, keratin treatments, relaxers, perms, thermal straighteners and to repair bounce to naturally curly hair.

The system has three parts.  No 1 an No 2 are used by your stylist and No 3 is a take home treatment designed to keep the hair in pristine condition. Once you experience this system, you’ll never want to be with out it.  Want your stylist to love you? Ask about using Olaplex with your next chemical service and watch them smile.  Olaplex is available to experience at Salon Disegno this moment.



Don’t Blow Dry~ Glow Dry!

Don’t Blow Dry~ Glow Dry!

This year make your hair your Valentine! Give your hair some love while you heat style and your hair will be sure to thank you!  This leave-in is for all hair types that need a beautiful, long lasting blow dry with heat protection and shine for days. Don’t let the word “oil” scare you- this formula absorbs right away and is ultra lightweight and airy!

Check out Suki Waterhouse in a Redken short below.


If you are all about face primers, eye-shadow primers, primer for the matte lipstick – don’t forget to prime your hair!  You’ll thank me for it later.

This heat-responsive miracle is available at all Salon Disegno locations $34 for a very generous supply.


The NEW brow look

The NEW brow look


We all know how important brows are to the face and we all want fresh, fashionable, and totally groomed brows.  Did you know solid, powdered in brows are so last season? What’s on trend? We want a full, brushed and deepened brow that is enhanced but natural looking, even close up.   The key to this look is  a tiny pencil, matching your shade of brows, applied with short, angled strokes.  After you apply the pencil in the direction of hair growth, you then use a tiny brush to push brows up and out to show off fullness.  Finally, set the look with Mirabella brow shaper.  Need more How To? Check out the short video below that not only shows the steps, it helps you find the proper place for your brows to end and begin.  Thank goodness for brow gurus and Youtube!  Still feel clueless even after the video? Come to the salon- Your stylist is waiting to help you!


Candy Colored Bright Hair

Candy Colored Bright Hair


Bright hair is everywhere lately!  Some of the most unearthly and shocking hues have been seen and not just on daring teens!  Some people go big, transforming their hair, reminding this blogger of My Little Ponies, in a great way!  If you have been thinking of living in Technicolor, read below to know some basic facts about taking the plunge into a vivid, colorful hair dream.


How do you get your hair this Rainbow Bright?  The key to these colors’ vibrancy is a two-step process.  First, the hair must be pre-lightened (read bleach) to achieve a light enough canvas to see the hue.  Some colors require more lightness as a background than others.  Pastels are only achievable on the lightest of pale blonde hair.  After the hair is lightened, the direct dye (the most vibrant hair color available) is deposited on dried strands.  This process is known to be lengthy, so younger kids and fidgety people, beware!  That being said, if only some parts of the hair is to be super colorful, I do recommend a gloss or some color on the other parts of the hair so the shine is consistent. For example, if you are just putting hot pink on the ends of your hair, a gloss on the root area to the pink really completes the look.


Lets talk about salon maintenance.  This looks really needs to be refreshed every 4-6 weeks depending on your shampoo schedule.  FYI- the lightening does not have to be done every time, just the color deposit if you don’t mind how your hair has grown.  This really depends on the look that you are going for.


Unfortunately, the maintenance for this look does not end with salon visits.  A color protecting shampoo and conditioner are a MUST for this adventurous look.  If you heat style your hair regularly, a heat-protectant is also needed.   Dry shampoo is a great way to stretch out time between shampoo, making color last even longer.  After washing your hair, be mindful of the towel or any other cloth that comes into contact with your wet hair.  White towels can become pink; pillowcases can grab purple, etc.

kelly ripa

Be forewarned that while rocking this awesome look, people will stare at you.  People will ask you if that is your natural color ( har-de-har, dad jokes). But some say that is the best part!  This is not a look for wallflowers.  You can always do a little peek-a-boo piece to see if you are ready to commit.

lightpurple One last thing to consider:  removing the direct dyes that are used for these looks is best left to a professional.  We have lots of tricks up our sleeves, but know, as awesome as we are, changing you back to “normal” can be a process.  Don’t let that scare you – talk to your stylist today about a jewel shade or candy hue today!


Your Hair Wishes You Would Use This!

Your Hair Wishes You Would Use This!


New! From Redken, comes an all-in-one multi-benefit treatment.  How can I say your hair wants you to use this with so many types of hair? How can one product be so diverse?  Well, mostly because Redken is amazing but more specifically this leave-in/rinse-out treatment is for all hair types.  Hence the name, One United.   One United boasts 25 unique benefits for those of you who need to know- they are listed at the end of this post.  Some of our favorite qualities are coconut oil lightly blended into to provide condition, manageability, and shine.  It provides heat protection from wheat proteins and xylose sugars.  It is anti-static and makes blow drying easier.  This product has been flying off the shelves here at Salon Disegno.  After shampooing, simply spray evenly on damp hair.  Leave-in for nourishment or rinse-out after 1-2 minutes for light weight condition.  The biggest thing we noticed is that after one application, hair felt silkier and healthier, and made the blow dry much easier- especially with the frizz.  Try a petite size or fall in love with super-generous  size, 13.5 oz.

one united

One United has 25 benefits- listed below:

1. Conditions
2. Nourishes
3. Improves manageability
4. Helps even porous hair
5. Reduces dryness
6. Detangles
7. Instant results
8. Ideal cutting lotion
9. Primes hair for styling
10. Helps prevent breaking from brushing
11. Safe for color-treated hair
12. Helps prevent heat damage
13. Helps prevent split ends
14. Helps seal in hair cuticle
15. Safe for ombre hair
16. Helps shield vs. external aggressors
17. Gives silky touch
18. Adds smoothness
19. Adds shine
20. Helps control frizz
21. Anti-static
22. Controls fly-aways
23. Makes blow-dry easier
24. Style refresher
25. Lightweight results



When it’s time to let the grey show…

When it’s time to let the grey show…

One of the main reasons people color their hair is to conceal grey strands.  Due to age, stress or heredity, hair can start to grow in grey.  This complex phenomenon is due to strands stopping production of melanin, thus appearing white.  White hair mixed with natural color appears grey, and the higher the percentage of un-pigmented hair, the more grey the hair appears.  Most people associate grey hair with old age or aging (current grey hair trends excluded) and therefore, we tend to cover the evidence of time passing with chemical hair color.  Naturally, we don’t want to look old so we start the love affair with permanent hair color.  This involves maintenance, aka scheduled “root touch-ups”.  After an amount of time, some people choose to let their natural hair show through and go for a look that requires less maintenance.

This is where this hair blogger is going to insert her two-cents. When deciding to stop coloring your hair an extremely different color than what naturally grows out of your head, some folks just simply stop coloring the hair.  Just let that salt and pepper sloooooooooowly grow out.  This is a harsh look.  It is very obvious what is going on.  Completely stopping a high-maintenance beauty routine is very obvious.  Honestly, it is just not flattering.  At All. 

That being said, I’m sure if we do know someone who is perusing this route, I’m Sure it is because they don’t know about the options.  There are many ways to soften the stark line of permanent base color and get away from colors every 4-5 weeks. Depending on your natural color growing in, and what you were previously coloring your hair to, I promise there is a color option to ease the awkward grow out process.  The first step, because we are all different, is to discuss moving away from grey coverage to grey blending with your hair stylist.  Below, I give examples of these customized options.

Using a demi-permanent color process to tint lighter roots help to have a softer grow out, and less solid coverage.  This option is great for people who are used to being a light brown to blonde and have 50-100% grey hair.  This will still require some salon visits but much more spread out, and a great first step away from 100% grey coverage.

Another option to keep in mind is using highlights and lowlights to help soften the grow out line.  Dimensional color is a much softer grow out and can start letting some of your natural show through.  This way your friends wont be wondering what is going on in your life that is keeping you from regular beauty treatments.

These two options can be mixed and matched to fit what you have been coloring your hair, your natural color, and how often you would like to visit the salon.  A great stylist can guide you to the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Lastly, a quote from a Redken Certified Stylist at Salon Disegno.

I think people just assume the only way out of the permanent root-color cycle is to grow the previous color off.  That just is not true! I say this because walking around with 3 inches of grey, followed, harshly, by previous color, banding the hair from roots to tips is one of my least favorite looks.  It just isn’t flattering to any face. “

So to sum up~ don’t be afraid to let your colorist know you are thinking of a lower- maintenance, more natural look.  You would be surprised of the options.  Hair color has come a long way, technology-wize.

Behind the Scenes of Our Photoshoot


If you were wondering where Salon Disegno has been for the last two days, you are not alone.  We just wrapped our two-day amazing photoshoot led by the talented Noah Hatton. Noah is well known in the fashion business for his ability to style hair in any environment.  Georgia’s heat, humidity and wind certainly put his skills to the test.  Noah has been assisting, working, and teaching in the hair industry since high school.   His work has been featured on multiple magazine covers, fashions spreads, and advertisements.  We are so thrilled to have worked with him so closely.  After multiple visits to the salon to teach us the ropes, the photoshoot was finally here.

Two days, 15 models, production managers, videographer, multiple wardrobe changes and over 10 locations- we can safely say we worked our tails off.  We are so excited to see the final product!  Check out some behind the scene shots to tide you over until our final product is finally ready.

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