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The “Secret” your stylist is dying to tell you.

The “Secret” your stylist is dying to tell you.

As a stylist and hair colorist, sometimes people can confuse us with magicians.  Believe me, we wish we were.  Hair color and other hair chemical services are science, and science has rules.  If you are a fan of chemical hair services, you have probably noticed the aftermath.  Bonds being broken in the hair cause damage to the hair structure.  Damage is seen as broken hair, wiggly or frizzy hair, limp and lifeless strands or inability to hold color.  The secret?  We now have an incredible tool to combat hair damage for all hair types.

olaplex kit

Olaplex! Olaplex is a system stylists can use to get healthier hair results.  It dramatically reduces breakage with any chemical services.  Olaplex will relink the bonds that are broken during a chemical service and strengthen the hair immediately. Olaplex makes your hair stronger, healthier, and color will last longer.



This incredible tool can be used just as a treatment for distressed hair to help rebuild the strength, structure and integrity to the point where you can proceed with a chemical service.  Olaplex can also be used with hilights, balayage, on-the-scalp lightener, extensions, keratin treatments, relaxers, perms, thermal straighteners and to repair bounce to naturally curly hair.

The system has three parts.  No 1 an No 2 are used by your stylist and No 3 is a take home treatment designed to keep the hair in pristine condition. Once you experience this system, you’ll never want to be with out it.  Want your stylist to love you? Ask about using Olaplex with your next chemical service and watch them smile.  Olaplex is available to experience at Salon Disegno this moment.



You Need To Lighten Up!

You Need To Lighten Up!

With warmer weather on the way, styles are starting to change.  Bye, boots! Hello, sandals! Wardrobe changes isn’t the only thing our salon is noticing.  Hair color is lightening up!  Longer days, more sun, and the thoughts of vacation are all around us.  This is reflected in the haircolor our guests ask for.  New soft, blurred and hand-painted hi-lighting techniques that are coming to the fashion fore-front are in high demand!  And what is awesome, is because these looks are so soft, lightening the hair is now open to more people.   Dark hair? Olive skin? Don’t think blonde would suit you?  Scared of maintenance? The clouds have parted, and we all can lighten up our hair! Check out the slide show below for some inspiration and dream light!


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This March, Redken launched their new three part lightening system designed for lightening every hair level (that means darkness of hair.) Blonde Idol Color gives your stylist the tools they need to lighten every level from dark brunettes to light blondes.  They can provide on-trend platinum, lighten up with rich caramel highlights, anything between balayage to ombre, and more!  And because it is from Redken, you know the science is there to protect the hair’s integrity.

Now, Once you have been blessed with your new lightened look, don’t forget to take care!  At home hair-care is what is going to make or break the new sunny you.  To keep your hair shining, soft and on-tone- Redken Blonde Idol shampoo and custom-tone conditioner is a must.


Calling All Blondes!

Calling All Blondes!

Born Blonde, But your hair doesn’t remember?

Want to light up a dark room?

 Is Gwen Stephani, Daenerys Targaryen, or Lady Gaga your blonde Ambition?

Or are you a colorist who happens upon this at work?


The Heavens have opened up and the angels at Redken have brought you a gift!


Introducing Redken’s Flash Lift


Meet Redken’s coolest lightener yet. Flash lift gives maximum power in a lightening powder. With this ground-breaking product you can achieve up to 8 levels of stunning lift.

20% faster than ever before

It is the first powder lightener to achieve this lift safely. It contains conditioning B5 for high-lift with zero sacrifice to hair. Also, for you colorists, you can customize it for your clients needs.

Best Part: You can know use 30 volume pro-oxide ON THE SCALP with out the fear of the hair police taking you off to jail.


At Salon Disegno, we love the blondes! Ask your stylist today what we can do for you! With this scientific breakthrough the unimaginable is now possible.

Blondes, Rejoyce!