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Get a Firm Grasp on you style, men!

Get a Firm Grasp on you style, men!

Do you (or your man) Have Roughed Up style?

The ruffed-up guy is no fuss, laid-back, very easy going, informal and relaxed.

Introducing Redken’s for Men firm grasp texturizing clay is your new go-to tool for stay-put styles! The pliable clay formula glides on to create roughed-up texture with a dry, matte finish.


Perfect for those vampire styles! Mold it then forget it. You’ve got maximum control.



makes wash-out effortless too.

How to Use

Firm Grasp :

Short hair: Apply firm grasp all over hair with palms to create separation and messy texture.

Mid-Length to Long: On damp or dry hair, apply firm grasp on medium sections, beginning at the ends then working your way up.

Thick, Wavy Hair: Apply firm grasp to damp ends working your hands up the hair strand. Cup ends of hair in hands and squeeze for chunky, molded separation.



Not Everyone Likes it Dirty!

Not Everyone Likes it Dirty!

Redken For Men’s Newest Shampoo gets the grit out of your hair! This cleansing shampoo is for extra dirty hair. Formulated with a premium blend of Malt, Brewer’s yeast, and orange zest for an intense clean and healthy, purified scalp. Conjures up dreams of a crisp BlueMoon on tap and don’t forget the orange slice!