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Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!


Diamond Oil

New Redken Hair Care Line

featuring strength and shine for dull or damaged hair

The Next Generation in Oil Care


Is your hair lacking that brilliant shine? Do you have thick, unruly or frizz-prone strands? With this new line from Redken your hair can shine like a second sun and be just as strong.

Using the Diamond Oil line results in hair being 3x stronger and with 2x more shine.  Because of three different oils and a non-silicone formula, you can nourish, strengthen, and reinforce strands from inside out.

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Shampoo, conditioner, and intense mask leaves hair sparkling!

Bling! Bling!


The multi-use oil called Shatterproof Shine is available in two targeted oil formulas. Regular and Intense.


Oils in an elegant glass bottle feature a dropper for precise, no-waste dosage. 1-3 drops is enough for a whole head of luscious locks.


Multiple Uses Include:

  • Before you shampoo to add softness
  • Overnight treatment for brittle ends
  • Add to any conditioner or mask for a sparkle kick
  • Before you blow dry for luxe finishing
  • On dry hair to combat dull frizzies
  • Also great on clean, dry skin like elbows, heals, and cuticles.
  • Moisturize a dry scalp

At Salon Disegno in Lawrenceville and Dacula, we are fully stocked and ready for you to get your shine on!


As with all Redken products, this is a true gem!