3 steps to your most radiant skin ever- by bareMinerals

3 steps to your most radiant skin ever- by bareMinerals

Classic beauty entails beautiful youthful skin.  As we age, our skin looses its elasticity and begins to show the effects of this.  A simple daily routine can stop these effects before they start, unfortunately most of us don’t learn this until we already see the signs.   If you didn’t start a skin care regimen before you noticed wrinkles, sun damage or dryness (most of us didn’t)- the best time to start is now! Taking care of your skin is the first step towards youthful beauty.   We’re excited because we now carry bareMinerals full line of make up and skin care.

Bareminerals offers amazing and luxurious system for any skin type.  They recommend finding the perfect 3 products for your skin.  The first step is the Purifying.  They have 4 cleansers that all deliver exceptionally pure and revitalized skin.  The cornerstone of these is the Pure Plush, for all skins types. Starts as a cream, but with water transforms into a cushiony lather to refresh and lift away make up.  Then there is Clay Chameleon, a detoxifying clay-to-cream cleanser that lifts away impurities.  For those with dryer skin, there is Oil Obsessed, ultra-lightweight oil provides a comforting cleansing experience.  Oil obsessed is also great for removing waterproof eye make up.  Lastly, Blemish Remedy formulated to combat acne.  This cleanser helps prevent future break outs and treats existing ones, suitable for acne-prone skin or anyone who gets the occasional break out.


The second step, Empower, is the first of its kind infusion, designed to reawaken and help maintain your skins most vibrant look of health.  This fluid-serum powered by the long life herb derived from Okinawa Japan, where people live longer than other parts of the world.  This herb delivers radiant, resilient and more youthful looking skin.  This product is the most essential part of the system and is perfect for all skin types.  It soaks right in, plumps, firms, and smooths all while feeling super luxurious.

The last step of this pampering ritual is moisturize.  Pick the perfect level of moisture for your skin to soften, smooth and deeply replenish.  The lightest of the choices ideal for oily to combination skin is True Oasis. True Oasis is a unique oil-free gel cream that is formulated with peptides, ceramides, and amino acids to help smooth rough texture and ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The next step up in moisture is Smart Combination designed for combination to normal skin, its light and oil-free with a little smoothing moisture to improve the skins appearance and replenish hydration.  Normal to dry skin gets treated with Bare Haven.  This creamy moisturizer revives overall resilience and suppleness and effortlessly blends into skin to help enhance a natural, healthy glow.   Lastly, for our dry to very dry skin types, we have Butter Drench.  This one deeply immerses your dry skin in rich, luxurious moisture.  Powered by intuitive mineral moisture technology and enriched with shea butter this saturates skin with rejuvenating moisture.

The next time you are in any of our 4 locations, you can try any of these steps or the whole system.  If you don’t necessarily want to take up all your make-up and re-apply, we can pamper your hands and revive them with a relaxing hand massage.  You’ll love  how amazing your skin feels  after we purify, empower and moisturize with the bareMinerals skinsorials line.



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