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Get a Firm Grasp on you style, men!

Get a Firm Grasp on you style, men!

Do you (or your man) Have Roughed Up style?

The ruffed-up guy is no fuss, laid-back, very easy going, informal and relaxed.

Introducing Redken’s for Men firm grasp texturizing clay is your new go-to tool for stay-put styles! The pliable clay formula glides on to create roughed-up texture with a dry, matte finish.


Perfect for those vampire styles! Mold it then forget it. You’ve got maximum control.



makes wash-out effortless too.

How to Use

Firm Grasp :

Short hair: Apply firm grasp all over hair with palms to create separation and messy texture.

Mid-Length to Long: On damp or dry hair, apply firm grasp on medium sections, beginning at the ends then working your way up.

Thick, Wavy Hair: Apply firm grasp to damp ends working your hands up the hair strand. Cup ends of hair in hands and squeeze for chunky, molded separation.