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Clogged Hairspray Hacks

Clogged Hairspray Hacks

.If you love hairspray like me, you experienced the sputtering clog.  So annoying when the perfect fine mist is replaced by a drippy, weak and pathetic attempt at a spray. And why do I only get this when I’m in a super hurry.  Sigh.  Ok, but as a hairstylist I’ve learned some quick hacks.

Now there are levels of clog.  It can be an easy nail flick to fix and range up to taking the sprayer apart.  The faster you resolve the situation,  the less severe the resolution is. Kinda like life.

De-clogging hacks below:

Try to use your fingernail or bobby pin to scrape off the dried hairspray from the nozzle opening.  Do this first, before getting the nozzle wet, as dried hairspray is likely to pick off in one piece .

Still clogged? Run hot water and get a cup or bowl to submerge the top of the hairspray.  Soak the hairspray container in the hot water for 5 minutes.  towel the sprayer off and test it.

Still sputtering? remove the top plastic button, it should just click off, and put back into the hot water.  Next look at the tube that supplies the product and aerosol to the actual nozzle.  if you can see it clogged, try poking it with a bobby pin, then rinse with warm water.  Place the nozzle back onto the can and try it.

If after these three steps you don’t have success- I’m going to give you two pieces of advice.

Maybe the can is done. might just be old, or no product left and-

If your hairspray doesn’t dissolve with hot water, do you really want that on your head? Professional hairsprays are designed to be water soluble. You can achieve the strongest of hold with professional products.  Personally I love some Redken hairspray.

You Need To Lighten Up!

You Need To Lighten Up!

With warmer weather on the way, styles are starting to change.  Bye, boots! Hello, sandals! Wardrobe changes isn’t the only thing our salon is noticing.  Hair color is lightening up!  Longer days, more sun, and the thoughts of vacation are all around us.  This is reflected in the haircolor our guests ask for.  New soft, blurred and hand-painted hi-lighting techniques that are coming to the fashion fore-front are in high demand!  And what is awesome, is because these looks are so soft, lightening the hair is now open to more people.   Dark hair? Olive skin? Don’t think blonde would suit you?  Scared of maintenance? The clouds have parted, and we all can lighten up our hair! Check out the slide show below for some inspiration and dream light!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This March, Redken launched their new three part lightening system designed for lightening every hair level (that means darkness of hair.) Blonde Idol Color gives your stylist the tools they need to lighten every level from dark brunettes to light blondes.  They can provide on-trend platinum, lighten up with rich caramel highlights, anything between balayage to ombre, and more!  And because it is from Redken, you know the science is there to protect the hair’s integrity.

Now, Once you have been blessed with your new lightened look, don’t forget to take care!  At home hair-care is what is going to make or break the new sunny you.  To keep your hair shining, soft and on-tone- Redken Blonde Idol shampoo and custom-tone conditioner is a must.


Need Long Hair? Get Extreme Lengths with Redken!

Need Long Hair? Get Extreme Lengths with Redken!

If you are like Soo Joo Park, the model for Redken’s newest revamped line, Extreme, you have some long hair dreams that you need to come to life.  Depending on how you treat your hair and your diet, the average person’s hair can grow 3-6 inches in a year.  If you want to go for the 6 inches and beyond, you are going to need to pamper your hair.  Along with Redken’s Extreme Shampoo, using one or both of the two new additions to the Extreme line is going to get you the strongest, healthiest hair you can grow yourself.


Revamped Packaging




Extreme Lengths Primer

The First new Product to introduce is the Extreme Length Prime.  This is a treatment to be used after shampooing with Extreme, left in for 5-15 minutes and then rinsed out.  Weightless condition that is infused with biotin builds strength from roots to tips, helping you achieve maximum length.

The other half of the new duo is the Extreme lengths Sealer.  This innovative product comes ready for business.  You can apply this wet or dry hair.  Target the most distressed parts of your tresses or apply all over.  This formula also utilizes biotin to strengthen hair and add shine.  The unique applicator is a soft brush to help you coat all of the ends and seal them to prevent split ends.  The best time to start this product is right after a trip to your stylist, so ends are fresh and can stay that way.  When it comes to split ends, there is no permanent repair.  But, you can prevent the splits and if there are already some gnarly ends, the sealer can stop them from increasing until you can get those ends dusted.  We all know growing out that “lob” or pixie seems to take forever, so why not go to the extreme to get the length?


Extreme Lengths Sealer

This new Duo is available now.  introductory Duo packs are $39.  A great deal while it lasts, the primer alone is $23 and the sealer solo is $25.  If 2015 is the year for your long hair, don’t care, snatch the duo pack before we run out!


long hair



Static is Coming… with winter.

Static is Coming… with winter.


We’ve all been there. With the cooler weather comes the horrible static issue, along with hats and scarfs. So what’s a girl to do? Having “shocking” hair sure is not cute.  I’m sure you’ve heard of rubbing dryer sheets on your hair, but those potent chemicals can not be good for keeping locks supple and shiny. So, for those of us who experience serious static in the fall and winter months, I offer you a simple solution.


Pureology’s Colour Fanatic.  With 21 essential benefits.
This leave-in detangling lotion has many uses. As it infuses your hair with light moisture it, stops static in it’s tracks.  It also prevents against fade-age while strengthening hair fibers.  With all this, and heat protection, what more can you ask for?  Faster drying time? Ok, It does that too! To see hair airy and polished, spray on damp or towel dried hair before your normal styling products. After your regular styling, you’ll notice the freedom from static! Effects last till the next shampoo.  Available at both locations in a full 6.7 fl oz or a petite 1 fl oz.

We Love Mirabella Colour Vinyls!

We Love Mirabella Colour Vinyls!


Available in 12 new highly pigmented colors, this gel formula of glossy lipsticks boasts Super Shine technology and 10-hour color wear. It features a new, smaller bullet designed to expertly conform to the lip, preventing smudging, feathering and over-application. The formulation contains raspberry-extract to moisturize lips and preserve elasticity, along with argan oil and lychee extract to hydrate and provide antioxidants. It’s available in assorted pink, coral, berry and caramel hues and uses special coated pigments to ensure even color application.   Watch the video below to see how easy it is to try on a color!  Which one will you love?


The 12 new shades offered are Scarlet Sparkle, Caramel Crème, Pink Polish, Rosy Rouge, Cherry Shine, Coral Flash, Lavender Lustre, Icy Violet, Glossy Ginger, Mulberry Mocha, Vintage Vibe and Metallic Blush.


Come in to any Salon Disegno and ask to try on some colour vinyl!  Your lip luxury is waiting~

Need Some more Professional Make-up Help?  We offer make-up events with Mirabella professionals who can answer all your questions and help you create beautiful make-up looks all by yourself, everyday!  Call or Check our Facebook page (look to the right) to see when the next event is! xxoo!

New From Pureology CURL complete!

New From Pureology CURL complete!

Did you know 70% of women in the U.S. have slightly wavy to very curly hair?


This new line is for all color-treated curls and waves! Coconut oil-enriched formulas with exclusive Anti-fade complex envelop strands. This helps reduce breakage, replenish moisture and help erase frizz.

Coconut oil has a high concentration of vitamin E and rebalancing blend of fatty acids, restoring hair’s moisture from root to tip.


Leading the group of this amazing line is the unique low lathering cleanser that gently removes residue and protects the hair fiber. Afterwards, indulge in the Curl complete condition.   It detangles and helps lock in moisture for humidity protection. Need a bit more moisture? Use the moisture melt masque to deep condition to enhance definition and bounce.
Completing the line is 3 styling products. Taming Butter, a leave-in styling cream instantly tames rebellious curls with frizz control, improved manageability and definition. Uplifting Curl is a light spray gel that revives lifeless curls. The star Product is the dual formula, Curl Extend. It locks in moisture and shape for lasting frizz control and curl memory. Can be used on all curls as a primer or a refresher throughout the day.


If you know anyone with curly hair, or have this blessing yourself, you know the heartache of frizz and dryness!  With this system and a great stylist behind you, you CAN achieve natural-feeling, frizz-free definition that lasts 3 days.  Hurry in to grab some!


Shield Your Hair From The Sun

Shield Your Hair From The Sun

Sunshine Love

Sun Loving can lead to sun loathing.  Chances are, you have been burned before.

The pain, the peeling, and the itch! And that is just your skin. People seldom seem to remember that one’s hair is also in the line of fire.  The sun can damage your hair just like your skin.  Although our skin is a living organ and can repair itself, our hair, sadly, cannot.


The UV rays from sun can cause the hair cuticle (the outer layer of the strand) to become brittle.  When this happens, one can notice tangles and frizz.  The sun also robs the hair of moisture.  UV rays cause color change in colored and non-colored hair.


Because our hair can not regenerate, unfortunately once the damage is done, a trim might be the only option. So Blocking the UV rays before you step into the light is a brilliant idea!

Pureology’s Colour Max can protect your hair!


Colour Max contains UV filters and Pureology’s AntiFade Complex.  Use Colour Max on dry hair and comb in before you go out in the sun to block free-radical damage.  Also, this protective spray evens out porosity in sun-damaged or hi-lighted hair.  With aromatherapy blend of wild rose and sandalwood, this spray is perfect for summer.

Come in to one of our Disegno locations before you catch some rays and pick up your bottle of Pureology Colour Max.

8.5 ounce spray for $22.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!


Diamond Oil

New Redken Hair Care Line

featuring strength and shine for dull or damaged hair

The Next Generation in Oil Care


Is your hair lacking that brilliant shine? Do you have thick, unruly or frizz-prone strands? With this new line from Redken your hair can shine like a second sun and be just as strong.

Using the Diamond Oil line results in hair being 3x stronger and with 2x more shine.  Because of three different oils and a non-silicone formula, you can nourish, strengthen, and reinforce strands from inside out.

do strand

Shampoo, conditioner, and intense mask leaves hair sparkling!

Bling! Bling!


The multi-use oil called Shatterproof Shine is available in two targeted oil formulas. Regular and Intense.


Oils in an elegant glass bottle feature a dropper for precise, no-waste dosage. 1-3 drops is enough for a whole head of luscious locks.


Multiple Uses Include:

  • Before you shampoo to add softness
  • Overnight treatment for brittle ends
  • Add to any conditioner or mask for a sparkle kick
  • Before you blow dry for luxe finishing
  • On dry hair to combat dull frizzies
  • Also great on clean, dry skin like elbows, heals, and cuticles.
  • Moisturize a dry scalp

At Salon Disegno in Lawrenceville and Dacula, we are fully stocked and ready for you to get your shine on!


As with all Redken products, this is a true gem!


Sneek Peak! New Reviving Red from Pureology

Sneek Peak! New Reviving Red from Pureology

Red Hair? Do care? I mean, sure we all love the rocking red hair but with great noticeable color comes the fading problem. Blonde fades to blonde, Brown fades to lighter brown, but RED, oh red, you fade to brown. And if you have ever had red hair, you know that brown brings you down.

Image               Image(1)

Well just in time for Valentines Day, the cupids at Pureology have unveiled the latest in red hair care.  You can Maintain your haircolor’s vibrancy even after 30 washes!

This zero-sulfate, oil-infused formula includes a weekly red OR copper Reflect Enhancer.  These great little conditioning tubes keep you BRIGHT until your next salon visit.


This collection includes Sham’oil (yes that means oil infused shampoo), Reflective condition and Illuminating Care Oil.  For maximum results, we must insist you use the weekly treatments in copper or red depending on your red tone.  This should be available early February (fingers crossed)!  Side note: its a crying shame the internet isn’t scratch and sniff because saying this line smells heavenly is a gross understatement.  We can not wait to try it on you!