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Need Long Hair? Get Extreme Lengths with Redken!

Need Long Hair? Get Extreme Lengths with Redken!

If you are like Soo Joo Park, the model for Redken’s newest revamped line, Extreme, you have some long hair dreams that you need to come to life.  Depending on how you treat your hair and your diet, the average person’s hair can grow 3-6 inches in a year.  If you want to go for the 6 inches and beyond, you are going to need to pamper your hair.  Along with Redken’s Extreme Shampoo, using one or both of the two new additions to the Extreme line is going to get you the strongest, healthiest hair you can grow yourself.


Revamped Packaging




Extreme Lengths Primer

The First new Product to introduce is the Extreme Length Prime.  This is a treatment to be used after shampooing with Extreme, left in for 5-15 minutes and then rinsed out.  Weightless condition that is infused with biotin builds strength from roots to tips, helping you achieve maximum length.

The other half of the new duo is the Extreme lengths Sealer.  This innovative product comes ready for business.  You can apply this wet or dry hair.  Target the most distressed parts of your tresses or apply all over.  This formula also utilizes biotin to strengthen hair and add shine.  The unique applicator is a soft brush to help you coat all of the ends and seal them to prevent split ends.  The best time to start this product is right after a trip to your stylist, so ends are fresh and can stay that way.  When it comes to split ends, there is no permanent repair.  But, you can prevent the splits and if there are already some gnarly ends, the sealer can stop them from increasing until you can get those ends dusted.  We all know growing out that “lob” or pixie seems to take forever, so why not go to the extreme to get the length?


Extreme Lengths Sealer

This new Duo is available now.  introductory Duo packs are $39.  A great deal while it lasts, the primer alone is $23 and the sealer solo is $25.  If 2015 is the year for your long hair, don’t care, snatch the duo pack before we run out!


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Latest From Vegas!

Latest From Vegas!

Our Disegno Girls are having the time of their lives!  Opening night is a great HUGE celebration/show that sets the tone for the whole symposium.  Check out the gallery below to see what we captured!

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Ok, for those of you who watched the slide show- most exciting part?? Apparently two new lines! #FrizzDemiss and #ExtremeLength.  OMG! We can only speculate what that could mean.  Stay tuned!

The Best Detangling Brush Ever!

The Best Detangling Brush Ever!

Have you heard of the Wet Brush?  In a world full of enticing promises about products that will save time (Guaranteed!), its easy to be wary of gimmick-y tools.  We were too.  Until we broke down and bought the Wet Brush.  In a word: Amazing.  This brush really does all it promises.  Seriously, no tugging, tearing, pulling or ripping.  There is no hair loss, no causing new split ends.  This brush is extremely gentle.  It aids in the prevention of hair loss and is ideal for sensitive scalps.

The magic of the Wet Brush is in the specially formulated flexible bristles.  IntelliFlex bristles are thin, strong, and very flexible.  This brush can be used on wet or dry hair, works great for thick, curly, or straight hair.  Ideal for wigs and extensions too.


This brush takes the drama out of detangling your hair.  We carry the wet brush at both Salon Disegno locations for $12.  With this great deal, they won’t last long so snag yours today and never snag your hair again.