Why Your Hair is too Good for Box Color.

Why Your Hair is too Good for Box Color.

Alright.  Let’s be honest.  I have seen you in the hair care isle in the super market.  It is easy to be tempted by those at-home “box hair dye” with the happy women on the front.  Every one of those ladies has great, shiny, perfect hair color!  Did you see the price, too? For around ten dollars you can be your own at home colorist! It all sounds so perfect!  Unlike other blogs, my intent is not to shame you into agreeing with me.  I simply want to educate you on why box hair color might not be what you want to do.

Box Color is made for anyone. Professional hair color is made for YOU.

 Hair color is a science.  Your stylist has training and experience, but most importantly, your stylist knows you and your hair.  Also, a great stylist cares about your hair and keeping it healthy.

Think of Box Color as “One Size Fits All” color.  Permanent box color is normally very strong.  Most guarantee grey coverage, and for that to be true, it has to cover ALL grey.  Especially very resistant and stubborn grey hairs.  So, chances are, a box color can be way too strong and harsh for what your hair actually needs.  Powerful color is not always needed for each situation. Using a color that is too strong can result in shallow, duller color than intended.  Fading is also common.  Applying a color to one’s own head risks un-even coverage, over-lapping color and can result in critical hair damage.


A great colorist analyzes your hair’s texture, porosity, and condition before even choosing a color line to use on your hair.  They also know certain questions to ask that can affect a color formulation.  How long do you plan to keep this look?  What kind of maintenance are you comfortable with?  Hair technology is ever evolving, and with new options of colors, you want to make sure you get the best color for your tresses.

That being said, if you are tempted to color your hair with box color, and actually do- Know that there is Redken Color Certified Stylists who can help you fix even the most hair-rasing color attempt.


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