Are you sabotaging your face?

Are you sabotaging your face?

Always take your make up off before bed. Moisturize your skin. Use sunscreen everyday. Even if we fail to do these things everyday, most everyone knows these simple rules.  They make a huge difference.  But there is one crucial element that constantly gets over looked. We wash our face, we wash our hands, but we can over look a common tool most of use every day.  I’m talking about make-up brushes.  Those amazing magical tools that apply foundation with a smooth finish and minimal product.  Buff and blend eye shadows, paint precision eyeliner, or create the perfect ombre lip.  Make-up brushes are essential for a complex look or a speedy application.

bmbrushesSo let me ask you, and lets be honest here.  When is the last time you washed your make-up brushes?  Do you ever? ok- I’m betting the answer might be kinda hazy.  Washing those brushes might be something you think about or maybe this is your wake-up call.  What can happen if you don’t wash your make-up brushes regularly?

Your dirty brushes carry more than just make-up.  Skin cells, sweat, oil, bacteria, and grungy dirt just to name a few.  All these lovely things combined are breaking your face out!  We wear make up to enhance our skin, not dull it out.

Speaking of all the build up, its making your make-up go on unevenly.  The colors won’t be true and your application won’t be crisp.  Why not set yourself up for an awesome look? It’s what all the pros do.


If you have a situation where more than one person is using the brushes, washing is a MUST.  Friends sharing brushes end up sharing way more.  Infections, anyone? Pink eye, staph, strep, e coli, fungus just to name a few. Ew.

Rubbing your skin with stiff, unclean bristles is sure to cause irritation on the delicate facial area.  Dragging and pulling are not good for wrinkle prevention.  Also- keeping your eyelash curler free of mascara and general gook ensures all of your fabulous lashes stay on your lash line.  Dirty eyelash curlers tend to pull out eyelashes. ouch!

If not for the love of your face, consider this simple reason to wash your brushes regularly. A clean brush extends the life of the brush.  Make up brushes don’t grow on trees and some of these tools aren’t cheap!

What is the best way to wash your brushes? With warm water and gentle soap.  Even shampoo will do.  Be gentle, squeeze excess water out and lay flat to dry.  Trust me, your face with thank you.  Bare minerals makes a cleanser exclusively for your brushes.  Ideal for luxury brushes, it cleanses and gently conditions your brush leaving it restored with no residue.


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  1. Great post! I am sososo bad at properly cleaning my brushes, even though I know how bad it is for my skin. Am definitely going to thoroughly clean my brushes tonight. I like using Johnsons baby shampoo to clean xx

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