5 Ways to Thank Your Hairstylist

5 Ways to Thank Your Hairstylist

Ever thought to yourself, “I really want to show my stylist how much I appreciate him/her…but what can I do?” We hear you. So we put together a list of 5 awesome ways to show your hairstylist how much you care:

1.) Referrals. Nothing says, “I love you,” more than sending your friends and family to your stylist. This shows that you really enjoy their work and want to share that with the ones you love. Even the most talented stylists have their moments of doubt, so it is so important to have the reassurance that comes with loyal clients sending in referrals. If you love your hairstylist, send them referrals!

2.) Retail. Trust us, we hate pushy salespeople just as much as you do. Our goal when offering our clients shampoos, conditioners, and styling products is not to sell – it is to educate them on what nutrients their hair needs and send them home with products that contain those nutrients in order to maintain that just-left-the-salon look, even when it has been 8 weeks since the last visit. There are no words more painful to hear as a stylist than, “Oh, I’ll just buy it at Ulta.” Buy your products from your stylist because they care enough about you to tell you exactly how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful all year long.

3.) Reviews. Does your stylist’s salon have a Facebook page? A website? A link on Google+ or Yelp? Leave them a review! It’s 2016, people. The first thing that anyone looking for anything turns to is Google. Reviews are such a huge tool in finding the right stylist, so be specific when explaining why you love yours!

4.) Gift Certificates. This goes right along with referrals. Have a friend who is in SERIOUS need of a haircut but refuses to go to a salon because of finances? Buy her a gift certificate and send her in to see your stylist! All it takes is one AMAZING haircut to get her to love your stylist just as much as you do! Who knows, maybe you can start booking your appointments together for a fun girls’ night!

5.) Rebooking. We understand that you don’t know what your schedule will look like 8 weeks from now. We understand that you never know what is going on with your kids’ sports/school events. Rebooking your next appointment before you leave the salon insures that you have a spot on your stylist’s book, and even if you need to reschedule that appointment when it gets closer, it’s a lot easier to move around an existing appointment than it is to create a new one. Your stylist will be a lot more willing to work with your schedule if you regularly rebook your appointments because it shows that you understand that your stylist’s time is valuable.



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