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Another Genius Move from Redken

Another Genius Move from Redken

New from Redken is a line of cleansers that truly lives up to it’s name.  Redken Genius Wash is a cleansing conditioner that gently cleans your parched or colored locks.  There are 3 levels of condition to choose from and all are paraben-free with no sulfates, harsh salts or chemicals.  Shampooing your hair frequently can cause frizz and dull color.  This system provides a solution for clean hair when you really don’t want to shampoo your hair.



How can a Genius Wash help your hair?  In one step you have gentle cleaning plus extra conditioning.  Your color will last longer!  Incorporating this into your hair cleaning routine increases manageability while pampering your strands for extra bounce and shine. Genius wash has concentrated apricot oils and soy protein formulated for your hair type.

How do you use Genius Wash?  Simply alternate washing with traditional shampoo and Genius Wash.  If you wash everyday, use Genius Wash for every third wash.  If you wash your hair less frequently, use Genius Wash for every other wash.  Your hair will thank you. Apply a generous amount (about 10-14 pumps) and distribute evenly through damp hair.  Gently massage.  Leave in for 2-5 minutes for best results then rinse thoroughly.  Talk to your stylist about the best one for your hair needs and instantly become genius!


Frizz? Dissmiss That!

Frizz? Dissmiss That!


As a hairstylist, one of the main problems I hear about constantly is frizz.  Frizz is not cute.  It can ruin a blow out, robs definition from curls, and frizz takes away from a ‘put-together’ look.  Wild banshee is not what i was going for…  But the people with the hardest struggle is the fine-hair frizz prone!  So many products that promise zero-frizz weigh down the hair! And, no! It is not too much to ask for frizz-free, full hair!  Redken, our sweet, dear friends, have developed frizz-fighting line for all hair types.   Check out the video below.


Here is the break down!  Frizz Dismiss features a Sulfate-Free Shampoo that works in tandem with a conditioner to provide smoothness and manageability while protecting hair from humidity for lasting frizz control.  If you need a deep conditioning,  Frizz Dismiss Mask is an intensive rinse-out treatment that provides humidity protection and smoothing.  Where things get customizable for your hair texture and humidity level, is the products!  Ever use a dryer sheet to stop static? Why not use something made for hair? Frizz Dismiss FPF 10 Fly-Away Fix finishing sheets for all hair types dismiss static and eliminate fly-aways.  Keep some in your purse for emergencies.  We love a spray lotion!  You get easy, even saturation of the product on the hair, and your hands stay goop-free! Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force lightweight smoothing lotion spray is for fine to medium hair types in low to high humidity.  If you’re a fan of leave in oils, Frizz Dismiss Deflate is for you!  We love to blend this oil into your everyday styling product for extra frizz protection. Lastly, we have the magic for the thick, coarse hair that resides in Georgia!  Curly or straight, this leave in creme has got your back. Frizz Dismiss FPF 40 Rebel Tame leave-in smoothing control cream is for coarse hair types in medium to high humidity.   Redken even made this handy chart to help pick which product is best for you!



This entire system is now available at both Salon Disegno locations.  We have been loving this line and want to try it on you!  Honestly, frizz happens, but with Redken’s new products, we can dismiss that! Bye, Frizz!


Latest From Vegas!

Latest From Vegas!

Our Disegno Girls are having the time of their lives!  Opening night is a great HUGE celebration/show that sets the tone for the whole symposium.  Check out the gallery below to see what we captured!

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Ok, for those of you who watched the slide show- most exciting part?? Apparently two new lines! #FrizzDemiss and #ExtremeLength.  OMG! We can only speculate what that could mean.  Stay tuned!

Static is Coming… with winter.

Static is Coming… with winter.


We’ve all been there. With the cooler weather comes the horrible static issue, along with hats and scarfs. So what’s a girl to do? Having “shocking” hair sure is not cute.  I’m sure you’ve heard of rubbing dryer sheets on your hair, but those potent chemicals can not be good for keeping locks supple and shiny. So, for those of us who experience serious static in the fall and winter months, I offer you a simple solution.


Pureology’s Colour Fanatic.  With 21 essential benefits.
This leave-in detangling lotion has many uses. As it infuses your hair with light moisture it, stops static in it’s tracks.  It also prevents against fade-age while strengthening hair fibers.  With all this, and heat protection, what more can you ask for?  Faster drying time? Ok, It does that too! To see hair airy and polished, spray on damp or towel dried hair before your normal styling products. After your regular styling, you’ll notice the freedom from static! Effects last till the next shampoo.  Available at both locations in a full 6.7 fl oz or a petite 1 fl oz.

Get To Know Disegno

Get To Know Disegno

Take a minute to get to know us! Here is just a little bit about Salon Disegno. This entry is for anyone who walks through the salon doors, meaning guests or employees.


Started in 2007, by Stacy Hodges (a former Redken artist) and Dave Hodges (a Summit Salon Business Consultant). The word “Disegno” means, “design” in Italian. Their vision was to create a company that cultivates a culture of personal and professional growth while giving back to the community.


When first walking into Salon Disegno, you notice the inviting, professional, and clean environment with friendly employees who work together to meet your beauty needs. We take pride in our surroundings making sure they exceed all standards. You can be rest-assured that your stylist is fully licensed and completely confident in providing your customized services and making your experience exceptional.


We are a full service hair salon with a level system that can accommodate any beauty budget- you can tell us about what you are used to spending, or what type of hair you have and we can place you with the perfect stylist for your needs. Facial waxing and make-up services are also provided. Make-up options include applications, quick touch-ups, or in-depth lessons. We now offer on-site bridal services; we’ll bring the beauty to you.


At Salon Disegno, know that we stand behind our work and are committed to excellence.



As an employee or guest of Salon Disegno, you can be confident that you are supporting a local business that gives back to the community on many levels. We sponsor a scholarship for a cosmetology student at Gwinnett Technical College. Every month, a stylist chooses a local event or charity to spotlight. We try and help as much as we can. Globally, we sell Timbali Crafts that create hope and job income for women of Swaziland, Africa. With all the ways Salon Disegno gives back, we want you to feel beautiful inside and out.


As for being an employee of Salon Disegno, you are offered tons of opportunity. Be a part of a Redken Elite team who is committed to an environment that promotes professionalism, respect, trust and honesty.

As a salon that promotes learning, new hires go through the associate program with a salon educator. This educator guides you through earning your “masters” in salon service and helps you polish your skills to jump-start your career.

Our salon is very team oriented. Our first priority is the guest and their experience. We all work together to create the perfect place for our guests to relax and enjoy our services.

A personal mentor is working for you and providing accountability and guidance for you at all levels of your career. Future opportunities to manage, design, or educate are all options. Tools for building your business including salon advertising are provided. Our Catalyst program ignites new stylists career and gets new guests into the salon.

We are very proud of our culture here at Salon Disegno and we invite you to experience it yourself!  Thank you for reading.

Shield Your Hair From The Sun

Shield Your Hair From The Sun

Sunshine Love

Sun Loving can lead to sun loathing.  Chances are, you have been burned before.

The pain, the peeling, and the itch! And that is just your skin. People seldom seem to remember that one’s hair is also in the line of fire.  The sun can damage your hair just like your skin.  Although our skin is a living organ and can repair itself, our hair, sadly, cannot.


The UV rays from sun can cause the hair cuticle (the outer layer of the strand) to become brittle.  When this happens, one can notice tangles and frizz.  The sun also robs the hair of moisture.  UV rays cause color change in colored and non-colored hair.


Because our hair can not regenerate, unfortunately once the damage is done, a trim might be the only option. So Blocking the UV rays before you step into the light is a brilliant idea!

Pureology’s Colour Max can protect your hair!


Colour Max contains UV filters and Pureology’s AntiFade Complex.  Use Colour Max on dry hair and comb in before you go out in the sun to block free-radical damage.  Also, this protective spray evens out porosity in sun-damaged or hi-lighted hair.  With aromatherapy blend of wild rose and sandalwood, this spray is perfect for summer.

Come in to one of our Disegno locations before you catch some rays and pick up your bottle of Pureology Colour Max.

8.5 ounce spray for $22.

Win Your School A Green Make Over! Thanks to Pureology.

Win Your School A Green Make Over! Thanks to Pureology.

Every child deserves a learning environment that’s safe, comfortable and free of harmful toxins. Unfortunately, many schools across the country lack the funds to carry out much-needed repairs and renovations—subjecting children to outdated facilities with improper ventilation, poor lighting and inefficient energy usage. Global Green USA is working to address this situation and ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn in a healthy, green school.

You can help by nominating a school in your area for a Green School Makeover.

ENTER JANUARY 1 – MARCH 31    http://www.pureology.com/greenschools


With this new year, lets help someone else go green! If you know of a school or a teacher, please let them know about this great contest.  A way to help our earth and a school in need.