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Unicorn and Mermaid Hair

Unicorn and Mermaid Hair


Bright hair is everywhere lately!  Mermaidians and Unicorn tribe is now a way of life.  Some people go big, transforming their hair, reminding this blogger of My Little Ponies, in a great way!  If you have been thinking of living in Technicolor, read below to know some basic facts about taking the plunge into a vivid, colorful hair dream.


This Blogger’s work.

How do you get your hair this Rainbow Bright?  The key to these colors’ vibrancy is a two-step process.  First, the hair must be pre-lightened (read bleach) to achieve a light enough canvas to see the hue.  Some colors require more lightness as a background than others.  Pastels are only achievable on the lightest of pale blonde hair.  Hot tip: if your stylist suggests Olaplex, Ph Bonder, or other strengthening treatments- do it.  Bright colors don’t last on compromised (read: fried) hair.  The stronger your hair, the better the results.  After the hair is lightened, the direct dye (the most vibrant hair color available) is deposited on dried strands.  This process is known to be lengthy, so younger kids and fidgety people, beware!  That being said, if only some parts of the hair is to be super colorful, I do recommend a gloss or some color on the other parts of the hair so the shine is consistent. For example, if you are just putting hot pink on the ends of your hair, a gloss on the root area to the pink really completes the look.

img_3132Lets talk about salon maintenance.  This looks really needs to be refreshed every 4-6 weeks depending on your shampoo schedule.  FYI- the lightening does not have to be done every time, just the color deposit if you don’t mind how your hair has grown.  This really depends on the look that you are going for.


Unfortunately, the maintenance for this look does not end with salon visits.  A color protecting shampoo and conditioner are a MUST for this adventurous look.  If you heat style your hair regularly, a heat-protectant is also needed.   Dry shampoo is a great way to stretch out time between shampoo, making color last even longer.  After washing your hair, be mindful of the towel or any other cloth that comes into contact with your wet hair.  White towels can become pink; pillowcases can grab purple, etc.


Some colors even glow under black light.

Be forewarned that while rocking this awesome look, people will stare at you.  People will ask you if that is your natural color ( har-de-har, dad jokes). But some say that is the best part!  This is not a look for wallflowers.  You can always do a little peek-a-boo piece to see if you are ready to commit.


One last thing to consider:  removing the direct dyes that are used for these looks is best left to a professional.  We have lots of tricks up our sleeves, but know, as awesome as we are, changing you back to “normal” can be a process.  Don’t let that scare you – talk to your stylist today about a jewel shade or candy hue today!


You Need To Lighten Up!

You Need To Lighten Up!

With warmer weather on the way, styles are starting to change.  Bye, boots! Hello, sandals! Wardrobe changes isn’t the only thing our salon is noticing.  Hair color is lightening up!  Longer days, more sun, and the thoughts of vacation are all around us.  This is reflected in the haircolor our guests ask for.  New soft, blurred and hand-painted hi-lighting techniques that are coming to the fashion fore-front are in high demand!  And what is awesome, is because these looks are so soft, lightening the hair is now open to more people.   Dark hair? Olive skin? Don’t think blonde would suit you?  Scared of maintenance? The clouds have parted, and we all can lighten up our hair! Check out the slide show below for some inspiration and dream light!


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This March, Redken launched their new three part lightening system designed for lightening every hair level (that means darkness of hair.) Blonde Idol Color gives your stylist the tools they need to lighten every level from dark brunettes to light blondes.  They can provide on-trend platinum, lighten up with rich caramel highlights, anything between balayage to ombre, and more!  And because it is from Redken, you know the science is there to protect the hair’s integrity.

Now, Once you have been blessed with your new lightened look, don’t forget to take care!  At home hair-care is what is going to make or break the new sunny you.  To keep your hair shining, soft and on-tone- Redken Blonde Idol shampoo and custom-tone conditioner is a must.


Frizz? Dissmiss That!

Frizz? Dissmiss That!


As a hairstylist, one of the main problems I hear about constantly is frizz.  Frizz is not cute.  It can ruin a blow out, robs definition from curls, and frizz takes away from a ‘put-together’ look.  Wild banshee is not what i was going for…  But the people with the hardest struggle is the fine-hair frizz prone!  So many products that promise zero-frizz weigh down the hair! And, no! It is not too much to ask for frizz-free, full hair!  Redken, our sweet, dear friends, have developed frizz-fighting line for all hair types.   Check out the video below.


Here is the break down!  Frizz Dismiss features a Sulfate-Free Shampoo that works in tandem with a conditioner to provide smoothness and manageability while protecting hair from humidity for lasting frizz control.  If you need a deep conditioning,  Frizz Dismiss Mask is an intensive rinse-out treatment that provides humidity protection and smoothing.  Where things get customizable for your hair texture and humidity level, is the products!  Ever use a dryer sheet to stop static? Why not use something made for hair? Frizz Dismiss FPF 10 Fly-Away Fix finishing sheets for all hair types dismiss static and eliminate fly-aways.  Keep some in your purse for emergencies.  We love a spray lotion!  You get easy, even saturation of the product on the hair, and your hands stay goop-free! Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force lightweight smoothing lotion spray is for fine to medium hair types in low to high humidity.  If you’re a fan of leave in oils, Frizz Dismiss Deflate is for you!  We love to blend this oil into your everyday styling product for extra frizz protection. Lastly, we have the magic for the thick, coarse hair that resides in Georgia!  Curly or straight, this leave in creme has got your back. Frizz Dismiss FPF 40 Rebel Tame leave-in smoothing control cream is for coarse hair types in medium to high humidity.   Redken even made this handy chart to help pick which product is best for you!



This entire system is now available at both Salon Disegno locations.  We have been loving this line and want to try it on you!  Honestly, frizz happens, but with Redken’s new products, we can dismiss that! Bye, Frizz!


Need Long Hair? Get Extreme Lengths with Redken!

Need Long Hair? Get Extreme Lengths with Redken!

If you are like Soo Joo Park, the model for Redken’s newest revamped line, Extreme, you have some long hair dreams that you need to come to life.  Depending on how you treat your hair and your diet, the average person’s hair can grow 3-6 inches in a year.  If you want to go for the 6 inches and beyond, you are going to need to pamper your hair.  Along with Redken’s Extreme Shampoo, using one or both of the two new additions to the Extreme line is going to get you the strongest, healthiest hair you can grow yourself.


Revamped Packaging




Extreme Lengths Primer

The First new Product to introduce is the Extreme Length Prime.  This is a treatment to be used after shampooing with Extreme, left in for 5-15 minutes and then rinsed out.  Weightless condition that is infused with biotin builds strength from roots to tips, helping you achieve maximum length.

The other half of the new duo is the Extreme lengths Sealer.  This innovative product comes ready for business.  You can apply this wet or dry hair.  Target the most distressed parts of your tresses or apply all over.  This formula also utilizes biotin to strengthen hair and add shine.  The unique applicator is a soft brush to help you coat all of the ends and seal them to prevent split ends.  The best time to start this product is right after a trip to your stylist, so ends are fresh and can stay that way.  When it comes to split ends, there is no permanent repair.  But, you can prevent the splits and if there are already some gnarly ends, the sealer can stop them from increasing until you can get those ends dusted.  We all know growing out that “lob” or pixie seems to take forever, so why not go to the extreme to get the length?


Extreme Lengths Sealer

This new Duo is available now.  introductory Duo packs are $39.  A great deal while it lasts, the primer alone is $23 and the sealer solo is $25.  If 2015 is the year for your long hair, don’t care, snatch the duo pack before we run out!


long hair



NEW Chromatics Ultra Rich Color from Redken

NEW Chromatics Ultra Rich Color from Redken

A whole NEW color line from Redken!  You have probably heard of Redken Chromatics- a fabulous luxury color line with prismatic, healthy results.  Chromatics has a multi-dimensional effects, showing off natural peaks and valleys of tonality.  What Chromatics Ultra Rich offers something completely different with the same No Ammonia delivery system.  Chromatics Ultra Rich lets you achieve monochromatic hues with luminous shine and uniform results from roots to ends.  Basically- Chromatics is like a shimmery lip gloss and Chromatics Ultra Rich is your lipstick.  Now your stylist has more tools to get you the exact look you crave.  Watch this minute video to see Chromatic Ultra Rich color in action!

Ultra_Rich_Pinned_Posts9 We are so excited to give our clients the exact look they want while keeping the hair its healthiest.  See you in the Chair!

Latest From Vegas!

Latest From Vegas!

Our Disegno Girls are having the time of their lives!  Opening night is a great HUGE celebration/show that sets the tone for the whole symposium.  Check out the gallery below to see what we captured!

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Ok, for those of you who watched the slide show- most exciting part?? Apparently two new lines! #FrizzDemiss and #ExtremeLength.  OMG! We can only speculate what that could mean.  Stay tuned!

We’re @ Redken Symposium 2015!!

We’re @ Redken Symposium 2015!!

vegas2015 Redken is throwing us a party!  Well, that’s how we see it- But actually Redken Symposium in fabulous Las Vegas is meeting of the industry’s leading educators, stylists and colorists!  We learn but also have fun, I mean, it is Vegas.  This bi-annual meeting serves a great purpose.  Surrounding yourself with knowledge, inspiration, and business skills, Redken encourages you to “Learn better, earn better, and live better”.  The classes offered range from in-depth knowledge on how color is actually made, to how to build your brand, to picking the perfect cut for a clients face shape.  There is so much knowledge and inspiration to soak in.  Being surrounding by a sea of people who share your passion is truly an electrifying experience.

Sounds great for the four stylists Salon Disegno has attending this event right now!  But what do we get?  Redken Symposium is also known to us in the Redken world as a premiere of new products! New colors and technology are normally unveiled.   Last symposium in 2013, we were introduced to the Redken Steam Iron that is now a staple in our salons.  So we wait, hold our breath for the next big thing!  This blogger is in close touch with our salon attendees and will be posting updates- so be sure to keep an eye out!


Thicker, Fuller Hair with Redken

Thicker, Fuller Hair with Redken

Would you describe your hair as thin? Is it hard to maintain volume in your hair?  Do you have to wash your hair everyday to add life to your style? If this sounds like yourself or someone you know, New Redken Cerafill can help plump and thicken and even prevent hair loss.  This system is the only thinning and thickening line you need.  Thin hair can be hereditary or be caused by a toxin called DHT that blocks receptor sites in the hair follicle that normally attract nutrients.  These nutrients are food for the hair.  Eventually on a un-purified scalp, collagen accumulates around the hair bulb and hardens.  This results in suffocation of the bulb that prevents the root from taking a firm, deep hold in the scalp.

New Cerafill includes two easy to navigate systems.  Defy for the early signs of thinning or just fine hair. Defy is perfect for people who have been dealing with limp locks from day one AND those of us that have seen the effects of aging.   Retaliate is for advanced thinning hair and can be customized based on the stage of hair thinning.  Retaliate also is for the receding hair lines and filling in of thinner spots.  Your stylist can help you pick the perfect line for your needs.  There are two styling texture products proven give you fuller, thicker looking hair immediately. Check out some ‘before and after’s below!




New From Redken #ColorRebel

New From Redken #ColorRebel


Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair! Change up your look in a minute flat with Redken’s new Color Rebel.  A hair make-up that goes on easy and dries fast.  Five high-fashion colors to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.  The water-based ink technology with potent pigment can be used on any type of hair and will show vibrantly on even the darkest hair.




Alright, if you have ever tried any “Hair Chalk” or any other temporary hair color~ let me set your mind at ease.  Color Rebel won’t smudge off on clothes.  The color washes out on average after 2 shampoos.  Oh course, if you have extra porous hair or bleached strands the color can hold on for longer.  On the other hand, if your ColorRebel strands are clashing with your current outfit, using Redken Argon 6 oil or Diamond Shatter-proof Shine will take the hair make-up right off so you can play again.

Yes, You can curl and flat iron your hair with Color Rebel in.  As with any topical hair product, be careful of product transfer onto hot tools.  Brushing the hair with color rebel before it dries can defuse pigment for an airier look.  Want a more bold statement? Layer the product for intense results.

Color Rebel is MEA and ammonia free.  For medium-length hair, one tube of Color Rebel offers 10-15 applications.  All 5 shades are ready for you to pick up at both Salon Disegno locations. $25.





We want to see what you’re creating with Color Rebel!  Tag your looks on Instagram and Facebook with #ColorRebel #SalonDisegno Show us the ways you’re getting colorful.



Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!


Diamond Oil

New Redken Hair Care Line

featuring strength and shine for dull or damaged hair

The Next Generation in Oil Care


Is your hair lacking that brilliant shine? Do you have thick, unruly or frizz-prone strands? With this new line from Redken your hair can shine like a second sun and be just as strong.

Using the Diamond Oil line results in hair being 3x stronger and with 2x more shine.  Because of three different oils and a non-silicone formula, you can nourish, strengthen, and reinforce strands from inside out.

do strand

Shampoo, conditioner, and intense mask leaves hair sparkling!

Bling! Bling!


The multi-use oil called Shatterproof Shine is available in two targeted oil formulas. Regular and Intense.


Oils in an elegant glass bottle feature a dropper for precise, no-waste dosage. 1-3 drops is enough for a whole head of luscious locks.


Multiple Uses Include:

  • Before you shampoo to add softness
  • Overnight treatment for brittle ends
  • Add to any conditioner or mask for a sparkle kick
  • Before you blow dry for luxe finishing
  • On dry hair to combat dull frizzies
  • Also great on clean, dry skin like elbows, heals, and cuticles.
  • Moisturize a dry scalp

At Salon Disegno in Lawrenceville and Dacula, we are fully stocked and ready for you to get your shine on!


As with all Redken products, this is a true gem!