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Frizz? Dissmiss That!

Frizz? Dissmiss That!


As a hairstylist, one of the main problems I hear about constantly is frizz.  Frizz is not cute.  It can ruin a blow out, robs definition from curls, and frizz takes away from a ‘put-together’ look.  Wild banshee is not what i was going for…  But the people with the hardest struggle is the fine-hair frizz prone!  So many products that promise zero-frizz weigh down the hair! And, no! It is not too much to ask for frizz-free, full hair!  Redken, our sweet, dear friends, have developed frizz-fighting line for all hair types.   Check out the video below.


Here is the break down!  Frizz Dismiss features a Sulfate-Free Shampoo that works in tandem with a conditioner to provide smoothness and manageability while protecting hair from humidity for lasting frizz control.  If you need a deep conditioning,  Frizz Dismiss Mask is an intensive rinse-out treatment that provides humidity protection and smoothing.  Where things get customizable for your hair texture and humidity level, is the products!  Ever use a dryer sheet to stop static? Why not use something made for hair? Frizz Dismiss FPF 10 Fly-Away Fix finishing sheets for all hair types dismiss static and eliminate fly-aways.  Keep some in your purse for emergencies.  We love a spray lotion!  You get easy, even saturation of the product on the hair, and your hands stay goop-free! Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force lightweight smoothing lotion spray is for fine to medium hair types in low to high humidity.  If you’re a fan of leave in oils, Frizz Dismiss Deflate is for you!  We love to blend this oil into your everyday styling product for extra frizz protection. Lastly, we have the magic for the thick, coarse hair that resides in Georgia!  Curly or straight, this leave in creme has got your back. Frizz Dismiss FPF 40 Rebel Tame leave-in smoothing control cream is for coarse hair types in medium to high humidity.   Redken even made this handy chart to help pick which product is best for you!



This entire system is now available at both Salon Disegno locations.  We have been loving this line and want to try it on you!  Honestly, frizz happens, but with Redken’s new products, we can dismiss that! Bye, Frizz!


New From Pureology CURL complete!

New From Pureology CURL complete!

Did you know 70% of women in the U.S. have slightly wavy to very curly hair?


This new line is for all color-treated curls and waves! Coconut oil-enriched formulas with exclusive Anti-fade complex envelop strands. This helps reduce breakage, replenish moisture and help erase frizz.

Coconut oil has a high concentration of vitamin E and rebalancing blend of fatty acids, restoring hair’s moisture from root to tip.


Leading the group of this amazing line is the unique low lathering cleanser that gently removes residue and protects the hair fiber. Afterwards, indulge in the Curl complete condition.   It detangles and helps lock in moisture for humidity protection. Need a bit more moisture? Use the moisture melt masque to deep condition to enhance definition and bounce.
Completing the line is 3 styling products. Taming Butter, a leave-in styling cream instantly tames rebellious curls with frizz control, improved manageability and definition. Uplifting Curl is a light spray gel that revives lifeless curls. The star Product is the dual formula, Curl Extend. It locks in moisture and shape for lasting frizz control and curl memory. Can be used on all curls as a primer or a refresher throughout the day.


If you know anyone with curly hair, or have this blessing yourself, you know the heartache of frizz and dryness!  With this system and a great stylist behind you, you CAN achieve natural-feeling, frizz-free definition that lasts 3 days.  Hurry in to grab some!


The Best Detangling Brush Ever!

The Best Detangling Brush Ever!

Have you heard of the Wet Brush?  In a world full of enticing promises about products that will save time (Guaranteed!), its easy to be wary of gimmick-y tools.  We were too.  Until we broke down and bought the Wet Brush.  In a word: Amazing.  This brush really does all it promises.  Seriously, no tugging, tearing, pulling or ripping.  There is no hair loss, no causing new split ends.  This brush is extremely gentle.  It aids in the prevention of hair loss and is ideal for sensitive scalps.

The magic of the Wet Brush is in the specially formulated flexible bristles.  IntelliFlex bristles are thin, strong, and very flexible.  This brush can be used on wet or dry hair, works great for thick, curly, or straight hair.  Ideal for wigs and extensions too.


This brush takes the drama out of detangling your hair.  We carry the wet brush at both Salon Disegno locations for $12.  With this great deal, they won’t last long so snag yours today and never snag your hair again.

New Treatment From Redken!

New Treatment From Redken!

So, let’s be real here. We all know that the flat-iron isn’t good for your hair. It’s hot. It burns. And it can snag your hair. But what if flat-ironing your hair could actually be good for it? What if it made your hair healthier? Shinier?

With the new Redken steam infusion treatment, smoothing your hair can improve the strength, shine or softness of your tresses.  The continuous pressurized steam can propel a selected Redken treatment into your hair.  This treatment transforms your locks to become incredibly shiny with a natural fluid movement.  The results are awesome, to say the least. You have to feel it to believe it!


This tool, only available for stylist to use on you in salons, is a technological breakthrough that you have to try. While the smoothness lasts untill your next shampoo, the results can be felt for even longer.


Want to know more? Want to see it in action? Watch below!

Also, for all you Salon Disegno followers, this fabulous treatment is available through the whole month of August 2013 for only 6 dollars! What? That is not a typo. Why? Because it is our 6th birthday at Salon Disegno and WE give the presents on our birthday… to you!  Ask your stylist today to pick what your hair needs and feel the results today!

Prevent Pool Hair!

Prevent Pool Hair!


Now That The Weather is Warming Up

Doesn’t the Pool look inviting? Nothing wrong with diving right in, but WAIT! What about your hair?  If you have ever had a summer full of pool love, you probably have experienced “pool hair”. It feels dry.  It lacks shine. It tangles like a big mess. And color fade age? Lets not even go there…

Like SPF for your skin, there are ways to prevent the dreaded (and dread locks) of hair exposed to the pool.


Its all about prevention! Before you jump in and enjoy your swim, protecting your hair is a MUST.  Luckily, it so simple!  By using a deep conditioner on dry locks you can stop the trouble before it starts.

Have longer, flat-ironed, or thirsty hair?

Use this before submerging


Redken’s Crema Care leave in treatment is great for you.  It contains a balance of strength and moisture while creating a barrier between the pool water and your hair.

Curly Hair?


Prevent damage with this über nourishing curl mask.

 Curly hair tends to be dehydrated naturally so curly girls, dive into this intense moisture and protection for your ringlets. (before you dive into that pool!)

Colored hair?


Use this to seal in color before you swim till your hearts content.  Just enough to saturate locks can prevent the pool water from seeping in and doing damage.

Which ever one you choose, make sure you use a deep conditioner to protect your hair from chlorine or salt water pools.  If you spend all that time making your locks silky and shiny, why ruin it just for a summer dip in the pool? Why not have it all?

Are you a Control Addict?

Are you a Control Addict?


Want Your Style to be Rock Solid? Need Wind tunnel proof hair? Or just gonna dance the night away?

Either way, Redkens Newest hairspray, Control Addict 28 has you covered!  Why is it so addictive, you ask?  Because it dries fast WITH NO FLAKES and its completely brushable! What? yes. #True,True!

This ultra-firm aerosol spray keeps your most daring styles going strong.  Perfect for Prom! want the power to stop a bird in flight? You can layer this amazing spray for even more control.



Head our way to grab yourself some control. Stay Strong! Available at both Salon Disegno locations for only $20.

2012, Thanks For Everything!

2012, Thanks For Everything!

Now that 2012 has come and gone, lets take a moment to reflect on all the great things that we were introduced to and embraced by us during this exciting year. We have complied the top ten eventful things that really impacted us here at Salon Disegno.

The Hot Hair Trends!



Redken unveils Smooth Lock


Revolutionary Smoothing System from Redken

Limp, Life-less Hair gets Pumped Up! Redken’s Quick Tease and Powder Grip to the Rescue!


Get the volume, height and hold you crave

Year Of the Argon Oil
Redken’s Argon 6 and Pureology’s Precious Oil line
For the Men, Clean Brew
Mirabella introduces Colour Luxe Lip Gloss
A Curl’s Dream. Redken’s Curvacous Line is Launched


Redken Integrates its InterLock Protein Network to all lines!


Redken Re-invents Hair Color with Chromatics

this permanent, non- ammonia hair color has unbelievable results


The Best thing of 2012:
Salon Disegno’s accomplishments!

Not only did we open an awesome second location, we also became a Redken Elite salon AND we earned a spot in the top 200 salons in the nation.
Not to brag, but that’s pretty dang impressive.




Thanks Again, 2012!

At Salon Disegno, we know 2013 is going to be amazing, maybe our best year ever!