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Clogged Hairspray Hacks

Clogged Hairspray Hacks

.If you love hairspray like me, you experienced the sputtering clog.  So annoying when the perfect fine mist is replaced by a drippy, weak and pathetic attempt at a spray. And why do I only get this when I’m in a super hurry.  Sigh.  Ok, but as a hairstylist I’ve learned some quick hacks.

Now there are levels of clog.  It can be an easy nail flick to fix and range up to taking the sprayer apart.  The faster you resolve the situation,  the less severe the resolution is. Kinda like life.

De-clogging hacks below:

Try to use your fingernail or bobby pin to scrape off the dried hairspray from the nozzle opening.  Do this first, before getting the nozzle wet, as dried hairspray is likely to pick off in one piece .

Still clogged? Run hot water and get a cup or bowl to submerge the top of the hairspray.  Soak the hairspray container in the hot water for 5 minutes.  towel the sprayer off and test it.

Still sputtering? remove the top plastic button, it should just click off, and put back into the hot water.  Next look at the tube that supplies the product and aerosol to the actual nozzle.  if you can see it clogged, try poking it with a bobby pin, then rinse with warm water.  Place the nozzle back onto the can and try it.

If after these three steps you don’t have success- I’m going to give you two pieces of advice.

Maybe the can is done. might just be old, or no product left and-

If your hairspray doesn’t dissolve with hot water, do you really want that on your head? Professional hairsprays are designed to be water soluble. You can achieve the strongest of hold with professional products.  Personally I love some Redken hairspray.

Another Genius Move from Redken

Another Genius Move from Redken

New from Redken is a line of cleansers that truly lives up to it’s name.  Redken Genius Wash is a cleansing conditioner that gently cleans your parched or colored locks.  There are 3 levels of condition to choose from and all are paraben-free with no sulfates, harsh salts or chemicals.  Shampooing your hair frequently can cause frizz and dull color.  This system provides a solution for clean hair when you really don’t want to shampoo your hair.



How can a Genius Wash help your hair?  In one step you have gentle cleaning plus extra conditioning.  Your color will last longer!  Incorporating this into your hair cleaning routine increases manageability while pampering your strands for extra bounce and shine. Genius wash has concentrated apricot oils and soy protein formulated for your hair type.

How do you use Genius Wash?  Simply alternate washing with traditional shampoo and Genius Wash.  If you wash everyday, use Genius Wash for every third wash.  If you wash your hair less frequently, use Genius Wash for every other wash.  Your hair will thank you. Apply a generous amount (about 10-14 pumps) and distribute evenly through damp hair.  Gently massage.  Leave in for 2-5 minutes for best results then rinse thoroughly.  Talk to your stylist about the best one for your hair needs and instantly become genius!


When it’s time to let the grey show…

When it’s time to let the grey show…

One of the main reasons people color their hair is to conceal grey strands.  Due to age, stress or heredity, hair can start to grow in grey.  This complex phenomenon is due to strands stopping production of melanin, thus appearing white.  White hair mixed with natural color appears grey, and the higher the percentage of un-pigmented hair, the more grey the hair appears.  Most people associate grey hair with old age or aging (current grey hair trends excluded) and therefore, we tend to cover the evidence of time passing with chemical hair color.  Naturally, we don’t want to look old so we start the love affair with permanent hair color.  This involves maintenance, aka scheduled “root touch-ups”.  After an amount of time, some people choose to let their natural hair show through and go for a look that requires less maintenance.

This is where this hair blogger is going to insert her two-cents. When deciding to stop coloring your hair an extremely different color than what naturally grows out of your head, some folks just simply stop coloring the hair.  Just let that salt and pepper sloooooooooowly grow out.  This is a harsh look.  It is very obvious what is going on.  Completely stopping a high-maintenance beauty routine is very obvious.  Honestly, it is just not flattering.  At All. 

That being said, I’m sure if we do know someone who is perusing this route, I’m Sure it is because they don’t know about the options.  There are many ways to soften the stark line of permanent base color and get away from colors every 4-5 weeks. Depending on your natural color growing in, and what you were previously coloring your hair to, I promise there is a color option to ease the awkward grow out process.  The first step, because we are all different, is to discuss moving away from grey coverage to grey blending with your hair stylist.  Below, I give examples of these customized options.

Using a demi-permanent color process to tint lighter roots help to have a softer grow out, and less solid coverage.  This option is great for people who are used to being a light brown to blonde and have 50-100% grey hair.  This will still require some salon visits but much more spread out, and a great first step away from 100% grey coverage.

Another option to keep in mind is using highlights and lowlights to help soften the grow out line.  Dimensional color is a much softer grow out and can start letting some of your natural show through.  This way your friends wont be wondering what is going on in your life that is keeping you from regular beauty treatments.

These two options can be mixed and matched to fit what you have been coloring your hair, your natural color, and how often you would like to visit the salon.  A great stylist can guide you to the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Lastly, a quote from a Redken Certified Stylist at Salon Disegno.

I think people just assume the only way out of the permanent root-color cycle is to grow the previous color off.  That just is not true! I say this because walking around with 3 inches of grey, followed, harshly, by previous color, banding the hair from roots to tips is one of my least favorite looks.  It just isn’t flattering to any face. “

So to sum up~ don’t be afraid to let your colorist know you are thinking of a lower- maintenance, more natural look.  You would be surprised of the options.  Hair color has come a long way, technology-wize.

Learn! Soft waves with volume by Redken


Emily Heser, a Redken Stylist, shows us step by step how to create soft waves with volume in this video.  Soft waves are all over the red carpet these days, but getting the style on yourself can be kinda tricky.  Emily shows us the ropes on her own hair which makes this so relatable!

Here are the tools you need to follow along:



Frizz? Dissmiss That!

Frizz? Dissmiss That!


As a hairstylist, one of the main problems I hear about constantly is frizz.  Frizz is not cute.  It can ruin a blow out, robs definition from curls, and frizz takes away from a ‘put-together’ look.  Wild banshee is not what i was going for…  But the people with the hardest struggle is the fine-hair frizz prone!  So many products that promise zero-frizz weigh down the hair! And, no! It is not too much to ask for frizz-free, full hair!  Redken, our sweet, dear friends, have developed frizz-fighting line for all hair types.   Check out the video below.


Here is the break down!  Frizz Dismiss features a Sulfate-Free Shampoo that works in tandem with a conditioner to provide smoothness and manageability while protecting hair from humidity for lasting frizz control.  If you need a deep conditioning,  Frizz Dismiss Mask is an intensive rinse-out treatment that provides humidity protection and smoothing.  Where things get customizable for your hair texture and humidity level, is the products!  Ever use a dryer sheet to stop static? Why not use something made for hair? Frizz Dismiss FPF 10 Fly-Away Fix finishing sheets for all hair types dismiss static and eliminate fly-aways.  Keep some in your purse for emergencies.  We love a spray lotion!  You get easy, even saturation of the product on the hair, and your hands stay goop-free! Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force lightweight smoothing lotion spray is for fine to medium hair types in low to high humidity.  If you’re a fan of leave in oils, Frizz Dismiss Deflate is for you!  We love to blend this oil into your everyday styling product for extra frizz protection. Lastly, we have the magic for the thick, coarse hair that resides in Georgia!  Curly or straight, this leave in creme has got your back. Frizz Dismiss FPF 40 Rebel Tame leave-in smoothing control cream is for coarse hair types in medium to high humidity.   Redken even made this handy chart to help pick which product is best for you!



This entire system is now available at both Salon Disegno locations.  We have been loving this line and want to try it on you!  Honestly, frizz happens, but with Redken’s new products, we can dismiss that! Bye, Frizz!


5 Promises To Make Yourself in 2015

5 Promises To Make Yourself in 2015


With this new year upon us, people tend to make resolutions.  That is great!  But resolutions tend to die quickly in the new year.  So let me suggest some promises you can make yourself to help you hair shine in 2015!

1) I promise to treat my hair one a week.  We love when our hair loves us!  So why not show your tresses some love?  A weekly deep conditioning and add condition, shine and strength to your hair.  Take the time to squeeze the water out of your hair and apply a deep treatment.  Let it sit on 5-10 minutes and rinse.  You’ll be amazed at the results.  Ask your stylist which is right for you!

2) I will use heat protection when I use my hot tools on my hair. Every. Time.  Yes, heat protection is essential. Yes, you need it.  And no, it doesn’t work unless you use it.  There are lots of ways to get heat protection there are even shampoos and conditioners with it built in.  Get yourself this essential item asap.

3) I will utilize dry shampoo to extend my style. Washing and styling take a toll on the hair so if we can eliminate one shampoo/style a week, your hair will thank you all throughout 2015.

4) I will protect my color (synthetic or not) with color safe shampoo and conditioner.  If you spend the time and money on your color, or just blessed with natural amazing color- promise to protect it with color-safe shampoo and conditioner.  So easy!

5) I will be gentle to my hair when it is wet.  When your hair is wet, it is much more fragile.  Try and refrain from brushing, hard coming, or even pulling it up tightly.  This can cause breakage.  So treat your damp hair with loving care, and it will love you back!


Here’s to Healthy Hair in 2015!!

Static is Coming… with winter.

Static is Coming… with winter.


We’ve all been there. With the cooler weather comes the horrible static issue, along with hats and scarfs. So what’s a girl to do? Having “shocking” hair sure is not cute.  I’m sure you’ve heard of rubbing dryer sheets on your hair, but those potent chemicals can not be good for keeping locks supple and shiny. So, for those of us who experience serious static in the fall and winter months, I offer you a simple solution.


Pureology’s Colour Fanatic.  With 21 essential benefits.
This leave-in detangling lotion has many uses. As it infuses your hair with light moisture it, stops static in it’s tracks.  It also prevents against fade-age while strengthening hair fibers.  With all this, and heat protection, what more can you ask for?  Faster drying time? Ok, It does that too! To see hair airy and polished, spray on damp or towel dried hair before your normal styling products. After your regular styling, you’ll notice the freedom from static! Effects last till the next shampoo.  Available at both locations in a full 6.7 fl oz or a petite 1 fl oz.

Thicker, Fuller Hair with Redken

Thicker, Fuller Hair with Redken

Would you describe your hair as thin? Is it hard to maintain volume in your hair?  Do you have to wash your hair everyday to add life to your style? If this sounds like yourself or someone you know, New Redken Cerafill can help plump and thicken and even prevent hair loss.  This system is the only thinning and thickening line you need.  Thin hair can be hereditary or be caused by a toxin called DHT that blocks receptor sites in the hair follicle that normally attract nutrients.  These nutrients are food for the hair.  Eventually on a un-purified scalp, collagen accumulates around the hair bulb and hardens.  This results in suffocation of the bulb that prevents the root from taking a firm, deep hold in the scalp.

New Cerafill includes two easy to navigate systems.  Defy for the early signs of thinning or just fine hair. Defy is perfect for people who have been dealing with limp locks from day one AND those of us that have seen the effects of aging.   Retaliate is for advanced thinning hair and can be customized based on the stage of hair thinning.  Retaliate also is for the receding hair lines and filling in of thinner spots.  Your stylist can help you pick the perfect line for your needs.  There are two styling texture products proven give you fuller, thicker looking hair immediately. Check out some ‘before and after’s below!




3 Things Your Stylist Wishes You Knew

3 Things Your Stylist Wishes You Knew

A visit to the salon is a time to relax and enjoy yourself while being pampered.  You should feel completely relaxed and confident that your stylist is on the same page as you.  So here are some things that stylists wish that their guests knew and kept in mind.  You being radiant and in love with your look is both of our goals.  So by strengthening our communication, we are bound to hit this out of the park!

1- You have an existing appointment scheduled and life happens.  Please give a quick call to let me know.  So, maybe your scheduled for a haircut and you saw some amazing face-framing honey highlights on a primetime actress last night.  Now you are thinking you really want some honey sparkle to your own hair.  Let me know! We can work it out.  Down for cut and color but thinking of letting your hair grow and opt for a conditioning treatment instead.  Let me know! Maybe now another guest can get her honey sparkles. Wither you can’t make it, running late, want to come earlier, want to add a service or take one off- let me know.  Making sure we have you scheduled for the correct service insures more people can get the salon treatment, and that means good hair karma.

keep-calm-and-love-your-hair-7                hairstlyist

2- You got your hair done…. and… its ok, but you don’t love it.  That’s okay! Let me know.  There is always something we can do.  Please don’t walk around not liking your hair.  And it is always better to go back to the salon where the service was done.  That way we know exactly what is on your hair and fix the issue the healthiest way for your hair.  At Salon Disegno we have a two-week policy.  Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or comments.  You and your stylist are on the same team and want the same goal.  If the situation occurs, do not fret!  We will make it right

3-  We promote and sell hair careen that we truly believe in.  To preserve the quality of your color and style products are a MUST.  When you purchase them from me, you are supporting my goals and funding my education.  I also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

redkenprod2014stay tuned for more things your stylist wishes you knew!!  have a certain question you want to ask a Redken stylist? Post it below and we’ll get back to you!


New From Pureology CURL complete!

New From Pureology CURL complete!

Did you know 70% of women in the U.S. have slightly wavy to very curly hair?


This new line is for all color-treated curls and waves! Coconut oil-enriched formulas with exclusive Anti-fade complex envelop strands. This helps reduce breakage, replenish moisture and help erase frizz.

Coconut oil has a high concentration of vitamin E and rebalancing blend of fatty acids, restoring hair’s moisture from root to tip.


Leading the group of this amazing line is the unique low lathering cleanser that gently removes residue and protects the hair fiber. Afterwards, indulge in the Curl complete condition.   It detangles and helps lock in moisture for humidity protection. Need a bit more moisture? Use the moisture melt masque to deep condition to enhance definition and bounce.
Completing the line is 3 styling products. Taming Butter, a leave-in styling cream instantly tames rebellious curls with frizz control, improved manageability and definition. Uplifting Curl is a light spray gel that revives lifeless curls. The star Product is the dual formula, Curl Extend. It locks in moisture and shape for lasting frizz control and curl memory. Can be used on all curls as a primer or a refresher throughout the day.


If you know anyone with curly hair, or have this blessing yourself, you know the heartache of frizz and dryness!  With this system and a great stylist behind you, you CAN achieve natural-feeling, frizz-free definition that lasts 3 days.  Hurry in to grab some!