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Clogged Hairspray Hacks

Clogged Hairspray Hacks

.If you love hairspray like me, you experienced the sputtering clog.  So annoying when the perfect fine mist is replaced by a drippy, weak and pathetic attempt at a spray. And why do I only get this when I’m in a super hurry.  Sigh.  Ok, but as a hairstylist I’ve learned some quick hacks.

Now there are levels of clog.  It can be an easy nail flick to fix and range up to taking the sprayer apart.  The faster you resolve the situation,  the less severe the resolution is. Kinda like life.

De-clogging hacks below:

Try to use your fingernail or bobby pin to scrape off the dried hairspray from the nozzle opening.  Do this first, before getting the nozzle wet, as dried hairspray is likely to pick off in one piece .

Still clogged? Run hot water and get a cup or bowl to submerge the top of the hairspray.  Soak the hairspray container in the hot water for 5 minutes.  towel the sprayer off and test it.

Still sputtering? remove the top plastic button, it should just click off, and put back into the hot water.  Next look at the tube that supplies the product and aerosol to the actual nozzle.  if you can see it clogged, try poking it with a bobby pin, then rinse with warm water.  Place the nozzle back onto the can and try it.

If after these three steps you don’t have success- I’m going to give you two pieces of advice.

Maybe the can is done. might just be old, or no product left and-

If your hairspray doesn’t dissolve with hot water, do you really want that on your head? Professional hairsprays are designed to be water soluble. You can achieve the strongest of hold with professional products.  Personally I love some Redken hairspray.