The NEW brow look

The NEW brow look


We all know how important brows are to the face and we all want fresh, fashionable, and totally groomed brows.  Did you know solid, powdered in brows are so last season? What’s on trend? We want a full, brushed and deepened brow that is enhanced but natural looking, even close up.   The key to this look is  a tiny pencil, matching your shade of brows, applied with short, angled strokes.  After you apply the pencil in the direction of hair growth, you then use a tiny brush to push brows up and out to show off fullness.  Finally, set the look with Mirabella brow shaper.  Need more How To? Check out the short video below that not only shows the steps, it helps you find the proper place for your brows to end and begin.  Thank goodness for brow gurus and Youtube!  Still feel clueless even after the video? Come to the salon- Your stylist is waiting to help you!



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