When it’s time to let the grey show…

When it’s time to let the grey show…

One of the main reasons people color their hair is to conceal grey strands.  Due to age, stress or heredity, hair can start to grow in grey.  This complex phenomenon is due to strands stopping production of melanin, thus appearing white.  White hair mixed with natural color appears grey, and the higher the percentage of un-pigmented hair, the more grey the hair appears.  Most people associate grey hair with old age or aging (current grey hair trends excluded) and therefore, we tend to cover the evidence of time passing with chemical hair color.  Naturally, we don’t want to look old so we start the love affair with permanent hair color.  This involves maintenance, aka scheduled “root touch-ups”.  After an amount of time, some people choose to let their natural hair show through and go for a look that requires less maintenance.

This is where this hair blogger is going to insert her two-cents. When deciding to stop coloring your hair an extremely different color than what naturally grows out of your head, some folks just simply stop coloring the hair.  Just let that salt and pepper sloooooooooowly grow out.  This is a harsh look.  It is very obvious what is going on.  Completely stopping a high-maintenance beauty routine is very obvious.  Honestly, it is just not flattering.  At All. 

That being said, I’m sure if we do know someone who is perusing this route, I’m Sure it is because they don’t know about the options.  There are many ways to soften the stark line of permanent base color and get away from colors every 4-5 weeks. Depending on your natural color growing in, and what you were previously coloring your hair to, I promise there is a color option to ease the awkward grow out process.  The first step, because we are all different, is to discuss moving away from grey coverage to grey blending with your hair stylist.  Below, I give examples of these customized options.

Using a demi-permanent color process to tint lighter roots help to have a softer grow out, and less solid coverage.  This option is great for people who are used to being a light brown to blonde and have 50-100% grey hair.  This will still require some salon visits but much more spread out, and a great first step away from 100% grey coverage.

Another option to keep in mind is using highlights and lowlights to help soften the grow out line.  Dimensional color is a much softer grow out and can start letting some of your natural show through.  This way your friends wont be wondering what is going on in your life that is keeping you from regular beauty treatments.

These two options can be mixed and matched to fit what you have been coloring your hair, your natural color, and how often you would like to visit the salon.  A great stylist can guide you to the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Lastly, a quote from a Redken Certified Stylist at Salon Disegno.

I think people just assume the only way out of the permanent root-color cycle is to grow the previous color off.  That just is not true! I say this because walking around with 3 inches of grey, followed, harshly, by previous color, banding the hair from roots to tips is one of my least favorite looks.  It just isn’t flattering to any face. “

So to sum up~ don’t be afraid to let your colorist know you are thinking of a lower- maintenance, more natural look.  You would be surprised of the options.  Hair color has come a long way, technology-wize.


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