Thicker, Fuller Hair with Redken

Thicker, Fuller Hair with Redken

Would you describe your hair as thin? Is it hard to maintain volume in your hair?  Do you have to wash your hair everyday to add life to your style? If this sounds like yourself or someone you know, New Redken Cerafill can help plump and thicken and even prevent hair loss.  This system is the only thinning and thickening line you need.  Thin hair can be hereditary or be caused by a toxin called DHT that blocks receptor sites in the hair follicle that normally attract nutrients.  These nutrients are food for the hair.  Eventually on a un-purified scalp, collagen accumulates around the hair bulb and hardens.  This results in suffocation of the bulb that prevents the root from taking a firm, deep hold in the scalp.

New Cerafill includes two easy to navigate systems.  Defy for the early signs of thinning or just fine hair. Defy is perfect for people who have been dealing with limp locks from day one AND those of us that have seen the effects of aging.   Retaliate is for advanced thinning hair and can be customized based on the stage of hair thinning.  Retaliate also is for the receding hair lines and filling in of thinner spots.  Your stylist can help you pick the perfect line for your needs.  There are two styling texture products proven give you fuller, thicker looking hair immediately. Check out some ‘before and after’s below!





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