New From Redken #ColorRebel

New From Redken #ColorRebel


Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair! Change up your look in a minute flat with Redken’s new Color Rebel.  A hair make-up that goes on easy and dries fast.  Five high-fashion colors to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.  The water-based ink technology with potent pigment can be used on any type of hair and will show vibrantly on even the darkest hair.




Alright, if you have ever tried any “Hair Chalk” or any other temporary hair color~ let me set your mind at ease.  Color Rebel won’t smudge off on clothes.  The color washes out on average after 2 shampoos.  Oh course, if you have extra porous hair or bleached strands the color can hold on for longer.  On the other hand, if your ColorRebel strands are clashing with your current outfit, using Redken Argon 6 oil or Diamond Shatter-proof Shine will take the hair make-up right off so you can play again.

Yes, You can curl and flat iron your hair with Color Rebel in.  As with any topical hair product, be careful of product transfer onto hot tools.  Brushing the hair with color rebel before it dries can defuse pigment for an airier look.  Want a more bold statement? Layer the product for intense results.

Color Rebel is MEA and ammonia free.  For medium-length hair, one tube of Color Rebel offers 10-15 applications.  All 5 shades are ready for you to pick up at both Salon Disegno locations. $25.





We want to see what you’re creating with Color Rebel!  Tag your looks on Instagram and Facebook with #ColorRebel #SalonDisegno Show us the ways you’re getting colorful.




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