New Treatment From Redken!

New Treatment From Redken!

So, let’s be real here. We all know that the flat-iron isn’t good for your hair. It’s hot. It burns. And it can snag your hair. But what if flat-ironing your hair could actually be good for it? What if it made your hair healthier? Shinier?

With the new Redken steam infusion treatment, smoothing your hair can improve the strength, shine or softness of your tresses.  The continuous pressurized steam can propel a selected Redken treatment into your hair.  This treatment transforms your locks to become incredibly shiny with a natural fluid movement.  The results are awesome, to say the least. You have to feel it to believe it!


This tool, only available for stylist to use on you in salons, is a technological breakthrough that you have to try. While the smoothness lasts untill your next shampoo, the results can be felt for even longer.


Want to know more? Want to see it in action? Watch below!

Also, for all you Salon Disegno followers, this fabulous treatment is available through the whole month of August 2013 for only 6 dollars! What? That is not a typo. Why? Because it is our 6th birthday at Salon Disegno and WE give the presents on our birthday… to you!  Ask your stylist today to pick what your hair needs and feel the results today!


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