Shield Your Hair From The Sun

Shield Your Hair From The Sun

Sunshine Love

Sun Loving can lead to sun loathing.  Chances are, you have been burned before.

The pain, the peeling, and the itch! And that is just your skin. People seldom seem to remember that one’s hair is also in the line of fire.  The sun can damage your hair just like your skin.  Although our skin is a living organ and can repair itself, our hair, sadly, cannot.


The UV rays from sun can cause the hair cuticle (the outer layer of the strand) to become brittle.  When this happens, one can notice tangles and frizz.  The sun also robs the hair of moisture.  UV rays cause color change in colored and non-colored hair.


Because our hair can not regenerate, unfortunately once the damage is done, a trim might be the only option. So Blocking the UV rays before you step into the light is a brilliant idea!

Pureology’s Colour Max can protect your hair!


Colour Max contains UV filters and Pureology’s AntiFade Complex.  Use Colour Max on dry hair and comb in before you go out in the sun to block free-radical damage.  Also, this protective spray evens out porosity in sun-damaged or hi-lighted hair.  With aromatherapy blend of wild rose and sandalwood, this spray is perfect for summer.

Come in to one of our Disegno locations before you catch some rays and pick up your bottle of Pureology Colour Max.

8.5 ounce spray for $22.


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