Prevent Pool Hair!

Prevent Pool Hair!


Now That The Weather is Warming Up

Doesn’t the Pool look inviting? Nothing wrong with diving right in, but WAIT! What about your hair?  If you have ever had a summer full of pool love, you probably have experienced “pool hair”. It feels dry.  It lacks shine. It tangles like a big mess. And color fade age? Lets not even go there…

Like SPF for your skin, there are ways to prevent the dreaded (and dread locks) of hair exposed to the pool.


Its all about prevention! Before you jump in and enjoy your swim, protecting your hair is a MUST.  Luckily, it so simple!  By using a deep conditioner on dry locks you can stop the trouble before it starts.

Have longer, flat-ironed, or thirsty hair?

Use this before submerging


Redken’s Crema Care leave in treatment is great for you.  It contains a balance of strength and moisture while creating a barrier between the pool water and your hair.

Curly Hair?


Prevent damage with this über nourishing curl mask.

 Curly hair tends to be dehydrated naturally so curly girls, dive into this intense moisture and protection for your ringlets. (before you dive into that pool!)

Colored hair?


Use this to seal in color before you swim till your hearts content.  Just enough to saturate locks can prevent the pool water from seeping in and doing damage.

Which ever one you choose, make sure you use a deep conditioner to protect your hair from chlorine or salt water pools.  If you spend all that time making your locks silky and shiny, why ruin it just for a summer dip in the pool? Why not have it all?


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