Sneek Peak! New Reviving Red from Pureology

Sneek Peak! New Reviving Red from Pureology

Red Hair? Do care? I mean, sure we all love the rocking red hair but with great noticeable color comes the fading problem. Blonde fades to blonde, Brown fades to lighter brown, but RED, oh red, you fade to brown. And if you have ever had red hair, you know that brown brings you down.

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Well just in time for Valentines Day, the cupids at Pureology have unveiled the latest in red hair care.  You can Maintain your haircolor’s vibrancy even after 30 washes!

This zero-sulfate, oil-infused formula includes a weekly red OR copper Reflect Enhancer.  These great little conditioning tubes keep you BRIGHT until your next salon visit.


This collection includes Sham’oil (yes that means oil infused shampoo), Reflective condition and Illuminating Care Oil.  For maximum results, we must insist you use the weekly treatments in copper or red depending on your red tone.  This should be available early February (fingers crossed)!  Side note: its a crying shame the internet isn’t scratch and sniff because saying this line smells heavenly is a gross understatement.  We can not wait to try it on you!


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